June Brides, Get Ready for Your June Wedding!

(Raquel & Arjay Pagsuyuin Wedding Photos)

June Brides, Get Ready for Your June Wedding!I don’t know why most couples chose June for their Wedding. Well, my theory is that in most Western Countries, June has the best climate and weather. Which is mostly should be considered to have a Perfect Wedding…Perfect Weather!

From where I was born, Philippines, even if June is not a very good season to wed, statistics still shows that June is the one of the month with the highest Wedding celebration, next to December and February. Considering, June is a rainy season, it’s colder…hmmm…I think cooler climates are considered for Wedding, what do you think? lol…

June Brides, Get Ready for Your June Wedding!

Anyways, if you women out there will consider June for your Wedding month or already scheduled to wed by June, then June Brides, Get Ready for Your June Wedding! You surely would gonna busy with all the preparations, seminars, and appointments with your Bridal Gown couture, etc etc… I know you will be quite busy with the a lot of stuff, and I wanted to help, so June Brides, Get Ready for Your June Wedding!

Here are some things that might help you with….

  1. Catering Functions Catering Services are really hard to find that will satisfy your budget and elegance… Canvas for the price, consider asking for actual function observation to find out if they really do great functions, some caterers allow that just to have you see how the great the outlook of their service (you can only just observe from a distance though, you don’t want to be a party crasher!).
  2. Bridal GownsFinding Wedding gowns and dresses for the whole entourage is not that easy. Of course, you want it great, reasonably priced, unique, and fashionable!
  3. Event Coordinator- I do recommend to hire an event coordinator to lessen your stress. You would want to look good on your Big Day, aren’t you? Or better if you have a sister or relative you can trust that can do that for you.
  4. Make-Up Artist- do not forget to book for the best Make-Up artist you know. You wanna look good on your Wedding Day, and you want the best. Be sure, to have a make-up rehearsal to make sure before booking his/her service before the Big Day.
  5. Photographs and Video Coverage- Videos and Photos will be the reminder of that great day you have throughout the years. Try packages, or if you really considering budget, maybe a close friend or relative who’s got talent on this will do, ONLY with the right equipments though…like high grade cameras and video cameras. Otherwise, book a professional.
  6. Invitations and Souvenirs- It doesn’t have to be expensive. You want it unique, and you wouldn’t want it lost in time, be creative! Like a heart shaped 4G flash drive with your both names and wedding date engraved on it will be cool!

June Brides, Get Ready for Your June Wedding!


Consider being creative and resourceful to make your Wedding Day the best and remember, this will be the best or one of the best you will ever have!!!

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