(Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn)

Most of the time time when you visit the cities, you have nothing to do but to see the museums, temples or churches, exhibits, and all those man made boring stuff.  Bangkok has made it a little more interesting because you have options to get there not only by land under the tropical heat but also by boat.

Wat Arun or The Temple of Dawn is one of Thailand’s famous landmark aside from The Grand Palace, I would not bother to get there if there’s no other way to get there aside from tuk-tuks or taxi with that heat.  Fortunately, Thailand has got it all sussed with different transportation to make it easier to stroll around the city.

(Steps up to the Top of Temple of Dawn)

I went there using Thai’s public boat ride at the Chao Phraya River that is so cheap and affordable, the minimum fare is about 13 Baht and up, depending on how far you would want to go from where you are.  There are 31 Piers or stops from the starting point at Sathorn Pier which is accessible to Bangkok’s Skytrain (BTS), with other piers marked with N1-N30 signs indicators of the pier stop.  N8 is where you have to alight to get to Wat Arun and coming from N4 pier, we were at the other side of the river to get to the temple.

(View from the Top of Wat Arun)

From the other side of the river, there are boats that brings you to the other side every few minutes for 3 baht which is so cool.  There was a 50 Baht entrance fee to Wat Arun, and of course, everyone should be wearing proper dress code (it’s a temple, so wear proper attire in respect of the place).

The view from the top of the Wat Arun was great.  The boats just going back and forth the Chao Phraya River,  the city, and the tiny view of The Grand Palace at a distance.  It was a simple way to let another day in Bangkok pass other than the busy Khao San Road, Mango Shake and Pad Thai or Fried Rice  in Rambruttri Road, etc.  Something to make your Bangkok stay a little more interesting.


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