Jessica Simpson’s bouncing not because of weight problem… She’s trying to bounce back from the Romo break-up.  Why not?  After all, she is still a celebrity…using it to bounce back to whatever she have is cool, even not everything, she still can.  Let us hear what our Guest Blogger Angelique has to say about her…

“But Simpson is taking steps to feel better, such as hanging out with girlfriends. But for the most part, friends say she is happier hiding out at home because she feels like the media world is judging her. Romo reportedly dumped Simpson on the eve of her 29th birthday last week, and this came after another round of media attention focused on Simpson’s weight fluctuations. Earlier this year, she was ridiculed for wearing “mom jeans” during a concert and was called many variations on the word “chunky”.

(Image from Couture in the

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