Jennifer Lopez Back to 80's in Japan

J.Lo was quiet for sometime now, since she married Marc Anthony Iglesias and had twins.  Yep, her wish came true! I remember reading a magazine interview of her that she said, she wants to have a kid or two.  Now, she got twins!  After the success of her fragrance and J.Lo shoe line it’s time for her own family moments.

Jennifer Lopez Back to 80’s in Japan

No wonder she’s been quiet lately, busy as a housewife and mommy.  Yet, when she does appear in public, she is always stunning and in fashion, Jennifer Lopez Back to 80’s in Japan… Check out what our Guest Blogger Angelique has to say about it.

Pop star Jennifer Lopez was recently in Japan to promote a line of handbags by fashion line Samantha Thvasa and wowed the public in an outfit straight out of the 1980s. Dressed in an oversized top, black leggings, and super high platform heels, Lopez had her hair long and loose, with a shaggy fringe, colored a light caramel brown. The effect was youthful and casual, in contrast to the formal looks she has been photographed in this year at red carpet events.

(Image from Couture in the

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