Jennifer Aniston is having troubles about her relationships since the Brad Pitt separation.  We don’t know how it feels  like but we know that it is not a great feeling to be left by your husband for another girl.  After the devastating break up of Pitt-Aniston, she got Vaughn.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer’s After Split Drama

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer's After Split Drama

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Yep, Vince Vaughn in my opinion loves her so much but just can’t trust Jennifer’s emotional stability as she just got out from a serious emotional dealings from breaking up with Brad Pitt.

Recently, we heard Aniston is hooking along with John Mayer and it’s been an on and off relationship.  That is the rumour, but what is the truth about this two.  The last time I heard they broke up, What’s Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer’s After Split Drama about? Well, we all have our own drama.

‘After having split up a few weeks ago, singer John Mayer and Jennifer Anniston appear to be still feeling the pain. On a fan cruise to Mexico, Mayer debuted one of the new tracks for his upcoming CD Battle Studies. On-board the Mayercraft Carrier 2, fans listened to the new song featuring lyrics like, “Drop his name, push it in and twist the knife again; Watch my face as I pretend to feel no pain, pain, pain.”’

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer’s After Split Drama

  1. There have been a lot of horrible comments about Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the web in recent times. I believe she appears terrific, particularly following losing a couple of kilos.

  2. Jennifer Aniston is really great and she’s so strong I really think she’s such an encouragement to all.

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