As the Tea craze gets bigger and bigger in the Philippines after the rise of coffee shops and pearl shakes, it has been big in other parts of Asia way before it reached us.  However, the Green Tea that originated in China is beginning to get attention almost anywhere here in Southeast Asia.

Green Tea Flavored Everything

Wait a second, it’s really not just the Chinese green tea that they are going crazy about.  It’s the Japanese Green Tea!  Okay, so I keep noticing green desserts, that I thought was ‘Pandan’ flavored, a long aromatic leaf that Asians often use to cook rice for better aroma and flavor, which is also good.  I ignored it thinking we have it too.  Then I saw, a green tea flavored Ice Cream, I was like…hmmm…  Then, I keep seeing youngsters with green tea with milk in a cup.  Green Tea flavored cake.  Green Tea flavored soy milk.  Green Tea flavored yoghurt.  Green Tea flavored Kit-Kat choco bars. Green Tea, green tea, green tea…

Green Tea for Me!

My curious mind began telling me, why not try it?  I did, it was a great green tea from the street vendor but when I tried green tea from a decent coffee shop it was, REALLY GOOD!  It tastes like a strong tea(this is the good one) with a good fresh milk with lots of ice is a good treat specially in the hot afternoon.  I started craving for it, and even if my good coffee place is closed I could not stop craving.  That is when I tried Starbucks Green Tea, for 180THB it is the closest to the best 45THB Green Tea from my favorite coffee shop called Tam-Sam Coffee.  Starbucks’ is good, but Tam-Sam’s GREAT!

Anyway, I am not promoting Tam-Sam by  any means since they are not everywhere but in Suratthani City.  My point is, the Japanese Green Tea with milk and ice is wayyyyy better that Cha Yen or Iced Thai Tea.

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3 thoughts on “Japanese Green Tea versus Thai Tea

  1. I love tea and this sounds delicious! I haven’t tried either, but am tempted to (and would if I could) head over to China and Japan just to get a real taste of them!

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