It’s the season to be crafty, fahlalalalah lalalalah! Oh yes, holiday season is around the corner! After a busy Thanksgiving celebration with your family, the shopping rush due to all the amazing sale promotions during Black Friday to prepare for the next celebration…

Christmas and New Year’s! Pack your left overs (or start eating them) and Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, sending cards will make you busy. Also, the Christmas decorations will be out and surely it’s the season to be crafty!

Now, what I’m trying to say is that making your DIY (Do It Yourself) decorations can save you money if you wish. In my case, I wanted to decorate our tiny apartment with cute little stuff that will still feel festive but not cluttered. Yes, space is very challenging but also makes my creative juice at work by planning the strategy, designs, and budget.


Looking around the shop with all the fancy decorations, it can easily add up into a ridiculous amount of money. What I did is researched the internet of the inspirations and looked for the materials at home that I can use, and the cheapest trinkets I can find. Here’s what I ended up with and how I got or made it…

Nativity Set and Santa Clauses

These were my in-laws’ Christmas decorations that are sentimental to my husband, I watched his face lit up as he picked each one of the pieces and tell me stories about each and everyone in the box.


Christmas Tree

We were torn whether to get a REAL Christmas Tree (Yes, the Pine Tree) or settle with the plastic one. Since we are concern about the space for the real treeĀ  or even the plastic tree, we decided to get the latter and took the ‘pencil tree’ one that was on sale at Micheal’s together with the coupon we found in the circular ads. It may seem silly, but when you’re living in a tiny condo space, you have to think what will work. For us so far, this is what works.


Christmas Accents On our shelf top in the living room, I scavenge our building’s recycle bin with empty wine bottles, took my used jars, bought ping pong balls (.99 cents shop), dollar plastic garlands, cheapest gold/silver spray paint ($4), LED copper Decorative sticks were the most expensive at $9. picked pine cones in my potpourri (so I won’t need to buy, it would give extra effect on the design I want), old magazine and circular pages to make a Christmas star origami I learned on YouTube.

After making a giant origami star, I spray painted the ping pong balls, pine cones, wine bottles, jars, and using the tall glasses the LED lights are stuffed in. Designed it with all engraved bowl we have, LED candle light, and spread the plastic garlands and the all the other accents in place.




BUDGET = $20

With $20 dollars, I have managed to design our sweet little home with festive Christmas decorations. Making my husband happy by saving us money and still get the holiday festive feel in our home. You can all do it too, let me know what you think about or if you have any other ideas for a DIY Christmas decorations. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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