( Breath-taking Rajjaphraba Dam)

It was early in the morning after breakfast, everyone’s headed to a ‘dam’ I was told.  I don’t know where we’re going, I didn’t prepare the itinerary.  In short, I went with the flow.  I thought, “Hmmm…interesting, we’ll be visiting a ‘DAM’…”.  After a 3 hour bus ride, we arrived in this park with a huge entrance gate that says “Rajjaphraba Dam”, I wasn’t expecting spectacular to see in a dam to be honest, judging from the dam we have back home but here in Thailand, I was wrong. Totally different.  If Mt. Pinatubo crater lake was the first fantasy land like I’ve seen in the Philippines, this dam is Thailand’s.  It broke Krabi’s record in most aspects (I said most, because the price isn’t backpacker‘s rate), no joke.  Why do you think it will be called a National Park?

(Resorts in the dam, at the back is the Khao Sok National Park)

(Floating resto)

(Floating bungalows and huts)

Well, as soon as the bus made its turn after the gate, the amazing view of the dam with beautiful mountainous background that mimics Switzerland’s Evian got me excited.  Took my camera out and could not wait snapping photos. “WOW!” my head was in a euphoric state. Just standing at the edge overlooking the dam and the mountains (Dam mountains!).  Even before getting on the boat with the fellas, I have to take several shots of that amazing view in front of me.

(Switzerland? NOT!)

(That’s not Evian!)

As soon as we board the boat, I couldn’t stop staring at the endless beautiful mountains.  I remember I have to remind myself that I should not miss the wonderful scenery captured.  It took us 2 hour and a half just because everyone is wandering and taking their photos too, but the boat ride to the floating restaurant at the middle of the dam can only take an hour.  I have not been to Switzerland but it was told to be Thailand’s Switzerland.  Chris said that the mountainous part looks like the Evian.

No idea how that looks like, but just being there I was overwhelmed with the beauty around me.  It wouldn’t matter at that moment, all I know is that I was in a different world.  Soon enough, we arrived at the floating restaurant.  There were low cost and reasonably priced resorts there.  The huts were priced at 600 Baht/night includes the 45 min. to  an hour boat ride from the entrance and back,  and 3 meals at the floating restaurant, while the ‘nicer floating bungalows’ were 1000 Baht/night, the boat ride to and from, and the 3 meals.

I assure you, its well worth it.  You can swim anytime in the clear green dam waters, surrounded by the lush green forest, ‘Evian-like’ mountains, and I’m sure the stars will be amazing at night in that magical place.  It is also known as the “Khao Sok National Park”.  The park’s forest in the middle of the dam could be your most natural heaven.  There are resorts that offers a tree house accommodation, forest trekking on an elephant, bamboo raft tour, snorkeling, and spelunking.  Like I said earlier, it deserves the name as a national park.  It’s marvelous!

Those are the things we missed by going there on a tour.  I wish that next time, if we were lucky to go back there, we will be able to do most of the jungle activities and few nights stay in the floating bungalows and the tree house.  I always want to try living in a tree house, but it would contradict my love for beaches (unless the tree house is nearby a beach, would be another dream come true).


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4 thoughts on “It’s Not Switzerland, It’s Thailand! – Khao Sok National Park

  1. Wow, the Khao Sok National park looks amazing! Wish I was there now – it’s snowy and freezing cold in Switzerland at the moment.. About the mountains though: Ours look a bit different 🙂

    1. Haha! Well, like I said, I’ve never been to Switzerland. I am just relaying words of people who have been there and been to this place. Photos could not even capture the true beauty of the place though. 🙂

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