Italian MUsic: CALIBRO 35 CD's are out in Italian Market!!!
Calibro 35 is inspired by the 60’s and 70’s music, ( Loved by everyone and mister Tarantino of course …) played by italians with jamming and noisy approach. This band’s CD is out now! See Calibro 35 in home page on ( major italian indie website) for a week with some tracks in streaming from the cd. Please tell this to your friends! I’m sure Calibro 35 will appreciate listening from it and leaving comments too.

For all the fans out there, rack up the music stores now and get your copy!!! Fame in Italy is here, next is world fame…my pleasure to be part of promoting the rising band t their fame.

Band Members:

Fabio Rondanini
, batteria e percussioni
Luca Cavina, basso
Enrico Gabrielli, piano, organ, e fiati
Massimo Martellotta, chitarra e lapsteel guitar


1 Titoli
2 Summertime Killer
3 Notte in Bovisa
4 Titoli
5 Bouchet Funk
6 Trafelato
7 Una Stanza Vuota
8 Titoli di testa
9 La Polizia s’Incazza
10 Preludio con la partecipazione di Rodrigo D’Erasmo al violino
11 Gangster story
12 Spiralys
13 Shake Balera
bonus track

12 L’Appuntamento con la partecipazione di Roberto Dell’Era alla voce

All great songs, artistic musicians to conquer the Italian Music Fame World! Hooray! Congrats Calibro 35!!!

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