I Love Italian Food! Pasta, Risotto, Pizza, Raviolis, and a lot more. Well, my 3-year stay in Milan, Italy made me obsessed with their food. Italian Food is healthy, buono(yummy!), and most of all easy to cook.
Italian Food...Hmmm...Yummy!

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Let me share my favorite Italian Pasta recipe to you people…enjoy!

PASTA con VONGOLE (10 Servings)


1 Kilo Pasta (any choice)
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Clove Garlic, peeled, minced
2 Sm.Bottle Vongole (Shelled Clams)
3 Pcs. Anchovies(bottled)
1 L Tomato Sauce
Black Pepper
Iodized Salt


1) Boil 2L of Water. Cook the Pasta in the boiling water, follow the time instructed for pasta.
2) Preheat pan with Olive oil.
3) When pan is ready, put the Garlic and fry until its brownish.
4) Saute the Vongole and Anchovies with the Garlic, wait until the juice comes out a bit. Let it simmer, and turn the fire off when the juice comes out.
5) Drain the pasta and mix it with the Vongole. Mix it evenly and prepare it for the table.

I recommend to pair it with a good steak or roasted chicken! And your choice of drinks. Hmmm..that makes me drool for food…lol…I need to get ready for a good meal..yum yum! Enjoy your Italian Pasta con Vongole!

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