Is Your Relationship Working Out?A lot of times couples just stay together because they are afraid of something they don’t know.  Even if the relationship seems like its not working out for both of them.  What about you? Is Your Relationship Working Out? Or do you want to know How to Tell if Your Guy is a Player? Or you How to Tell if She Likes You?

Here’s what our Guest Blogger Aisha has to say about it.

Steps to Save Your Relationship

  1. Don’t and never be clingy. Your relationship is dying, so you cling to him. Giving him suddenly too much feeling of being loved. But, in reality he feels suffocated, and the more he would want to reject everything from you. In short, it just won’t work out, and eventually, things will go bad to worst.
  2. What does he want? What has been the reason for all this? There must be one, think think think! Understand him, and try to compromise to do what he wants, maybe it is also good for the both of you, most of all, give him your TRUST.
  3. Love yourself! Have you been so haggard and crying every night for those fights you are having? Well, stop. Even if you are in a relationship. Have fun with friends, buy clothes, cosmetics and be beautiful, do what you need to do and get on with life. Don’t be someone who wants to always be with him and making text messages all the time. Get a life! They would want someone who loves them still, knowing the fact that their partner can does this and that and admired by other people – – it would make them feel proud. Life is not about only the two of you. There is just much more…  Read More…
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