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Is Travel Addiction For Real?  I can only speak for myself, I know, but I have asked backpackers I met and just like my answer, they all said-YES!  Leizel said, she thinks it will never stop for her and guess what? Since she came back to Philippines from backpacking alone last March, she have been to Korea and Malaysia already, coming soon is her Hong Kong, Malaysia(again), Brunei, and Indonesia trip.  So, do you think she’s addicted?  I doubt it.

While some of hers are work related, its still cool because she’s travelling for free!!!  Mine are all from my savings(working my a** out for these trips).  So, I’m booked to Davao(local), Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia(Jakarta-Bali), and Pinatubo(local), I do not know what other things will come up to be marked on my calendar. Am I addicted?  I doubt it too.

Is Travel Addiction For Real? Nah, I doubt it.

Some of my friends according to the social networks and emails are not done with their backpacking, others are back to their home and saving for the next trip again, some go short trips to the nearby awesome places during their off days.  Are they addicted? Nah.  I don’t think so.

Okay, I was just sarcastic but of course, everyone’s addicted!  Wonder why?  People won’t do it because they are scared, but for those who have done it, it’s addictive. So just do it, so you’ll find out why it is so addictive to travel around and its will be a good laugh for your old self while asking “Why didn’t I do this before? Why did I waste my time fearing it?”.  I’m sorry but I think I have it badly, I meant, the travel addiction and my friend Nicko says its contagious and I couldn’t agree more!

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