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Talking about fashion, what first comes to your mind when you hear FASHION? Okay, clothes, wardrobe, shoes, accessories, of whom? WOMEN. Yeah, me too! Not because I am woman, but because all I know is that women are VAINer than men. But interesting fact: MEN’s FASHION is searched MORE than anything about particular fashion. So, is Men’s Fashion More Popular Than Women’s?

What’s that mean? That means, there are more people out there that are interested in fashion, okay, I know it might not just be men searching, but she may be searching for a friend that she knows really care about he looks, his outfit. Or maybe a stylist researching for her client, who’s of course, male. It doesn’t matter if he’s straight or not. The argument is still: Is Men’s Fashion More Popular Than Women’s?

That’s a good thing anyway, because that means they are now concern of how they look, improving personality, and that’s one little step for improving the world… 😀 What’s my answer to the question, Is Men’s Fashion More Popular Than Women? YES. Doesn’t mean that women are now the underdog to this category. It’s just that women doesn’t just search Women’s Fashion. They look further more detailed. From head to toe, they uses millions of stuff just to be in fashion. Get it?

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2 thoughts on “Is Men’s Fashion More Popular Than Women’s?

  1. Fashion’s not only about women. I think people are becoming more open-minded now. There are so many men’s designer outlets now.

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