Engineer Paul Gardner-Stephen develop the shoe phone as theatrical prop although, I don’t know what happened. Seems like he wanted to make the Shoe Phone popular to the public. Is it a Fashionable Shoe Phone? I hope so, one day if that would be popular! Maybe one day, it will be on the gadget runway too! 😀 It’s different on the first few years of developing the product until it becomes more popular. I heard his target market are the Elderlies that are not comfortable with the new age gadgets. That is cool!

Is it a Fashionable Shoe Phone?

Is it a Fashionable Shoe Phone?

Yet, I doubt it. If this will click to the public, the young generation will be the ones to grab it. They’re more into gadgets and they’re buying power are stronger, so I think it might be for everyone. 😀 In any ways, Is it a Fashionable Shoe Phone for Elderlies? lol…The intention is good, it doesn’t matter yet, what’s important is to help the elders and to be technology inclined regardless of age. Now, that is cool!

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