(Exhibit Area)

Last night’s Ipanema’s Blogger’s Affair Rocks!  I came with my sister Aissa at around 7pm.  We thought it was just an exhibit thing seeing people just hanging around at the Ipanema display area and having cocktail snacks and Iced Teas.  We went on and see their displays but then we were told that the program is about to start, there was a program!

It is all about environmental issues and preservation speech and video (which is cool!) because the new Ipanema GB (Giselle Bundchen) is dedicated for environment preservation.

That was awesome video too, very informative.  Mr. Francisco Elizalde gave a short speech about Ipanema’s background, the event was hosted by the pretty DJ Anne of Wave 89.1.

(Ballet Manila Girls)

The Ipanema thongs and flip flops were chic and stylish but  I love the Swarovski ones! Every blogger’s got one free pair of Ipanema footwear (you can choose any except Swarovski).  Then there were pretty young girls who render us a great dance number modeling the different styles of Ipanema footwear (they are from Ballet Manila, I reckon…I forgot, sorry!)

(One of the Ipanema GB Swarovski, available in different colors)

Before the end of the program they draw raffles, giving away bags and Ipanema GB Swarovski.  Luckily, I won!  The prize box includes a bag, and a pouch bag, with Ipanema’s brochure and an envelop with a card saying “Free Pair”!

Outside at the exhibit area, I was told that only the one that won the raffle will win the Swarovski, but for some reason the Ipanema girls said…No.  They only gave me the other ones…  I’m confused!  But anyways, I am still happy my sister will not go home empty handed, I gave her the other free pair. I got two, not bad!

By the way, their food are awesome too!  Roast Chicken and Salmon with Buttered Lemon Sauce are my favorite! Good job Via Mare!  What can I ask for?  I must say thanks to Mr. Elizalde for inviting us and giving us great Ipanema pairs of footwear!

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