(Axxe and Mommy Jen gearing up for the climb)

It was more than a year ago when Leizel and I met Team Canada (Nicky, Doug, Chris, Lucas, and Thomas) in Krabi. A week after, Leizel have to go back to the  Philippines while I’m undecided if I’m going back to Vietnam or Cambodia to find a job, or stay in Bangkok few weeks then back to Philippines. I ended up doing the latter, after few days spent with Leizel in Bangkok, Dougly came from Krabi before heading back to Canada but Nicky went to Chiangmai.  To make the story short, Nicky said he’ll visit us in the Philippines since he didn’t make it to Bangkok that time.  I thought Chris will be visiting too since the two we’ll be meeting up in Malaysia before Nicky heads to the Philippines, unfortunately, Chris have to go back to Canada on a specific date.

True to his words, last week of April last year, he came.  Exactly Lent Season, he have seen how extreme Lenten Celebration at my mother’s town (Tarlac City) plus the heat stroke experience. We went surfing to Baler with Leizel too, and that was the peak of the trip with Nicky while he was here then ( I was not able to join him to his Legazpi trip, I’m almost broke that time, bummer!)

Anyway, I’ll go straight to the point.  Team Canada are pro climbers and  being not so well travelled in my own country, I searched the web for a good climbing spot and I saw Wawa Gorge which was a shame.  I did not know any good places to climb then. Until I moved to Taguig City.

I found out that there’s an indoor wall climbing gym at Market Market and went wall climbing there with my colleagues one Saturday morning straight from work.


Php 50 ($1 USD) = per climb

Php 300 ($6 USD) = unlimited climb + belayer

Php 150 ($3 USD) = unlimited climb without belayer

Php 50 ($1 USD) = rent of climbing shoes

 I took the unlimited climb with belayer because we are not trained how to do what the belayer does.  It was an awesome bonding activity with my colleagues since we just changed schedule, I have not bonded with them but that day, we used to be in a different shift schedules.

The wall is owned and maintained by Sandugo, the shop opens at 12pm everyday and we were there 10am (just as the mall opened).  Mind you, the climbing got me panting after 3 climbs and really hungry afterwards too. It got me eating 2 bacon burgers and box of fries, not to mention we ate pasta and salads again at Pizza Hut but it doesn’t feel like my gut was satisfied then, OMG!

It was fun hanging out with my teammates though and looking forward to climb mountain with some of them again in Sagada soon! Yep, watch out for that post and we will dang conquer Sagada mountains!

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