office attire

First impression lasts, that’s what they always say but we all know it is not the sole aspect to eye on to make it last.  Still, you don’t want to start your chance to get the job you are applying for with very low chances.  Your appearance counts as your packaging, so dress fashionably cool.

Everything in the market that is being sold as hot as pancakes are well packaged and marketed products.  This is how you will get yourself into the position.  Your credentials are competitive, your character is strong, abilities and skills are highly developed from experience.  Be confident, your confidence shows on your appearance. Prepare to become a career woman through your style.

Corporate Fashion Tips

The interview attire should speak the character of the wearer.  Here are the tips on how to impress for the interview.

office attire

  • Comfort. Always remember that there will be time that you have to wait for so long to test your patience.  You might be sweating a lot wearing your coat while waiting for your turn.  Take the coat off until its almost your turn, your confidence will be affected if you become too sweaty and smelly on the time of your interview.  Wear comfortable corporate attire, always be ready for consequences.
  • Character & Style. Style yourself according to your personality, do not over accessorize.  Simplicity connotes your being  organize and neat, the interviewer can take that as a point to your corporate character.  Anything overdone will be disaster.
  • On wearing heels. Make sure that your heels are tolerable, do not wear heels that you can’t handle walking.  Callous will distract you with your interview performance, minus points for comfort.  If you want to wear heels still, just bring sandals and just change before going to the reception desk.
  • Prepare the outfit a day before. Preparing the outfit a day before is less hassle if there are stains or if there are retouching necessary for the corporate attire you chose to wear.  Avoid cramming in the morning.

Simple tips above is not a guarantee that you can get the job, but at least will help you a bit to lessen the tense from being on the hot seat before and during the interview.  Remember that the interviewee takes note of every aspect of your package, take it as a point system.  Better to be prepared than sorry.  Good luck to your interview!

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