In this day and age, make up is already part of everyday women’s lives and using it in every purpose it serves them like confidence booster, covering flaws, enhancing features, art, and all. What is my point here? This is really not a debate on whether or not women should wear make up but rather empowering confidence that wearing it or not, they will still have confidence.

Why is Being Natural Important?

Irritation/Allergies. Lucky if you don’t have allergies to make up, although wearing them everyday may irritate your skin because of the chemicals used in making make ups. What about the organic make up? You might ask. Yes, there are organic make ups out there that could help you solve this problem but you may want to read what’s next.

Loosing Your Natural Self. What do I mean by that? We were born natural, without anything at all but ourselves. Growing up we find imperfections that we cover by all means and make up is one of that tool, but we lose our natural self that way. Do you know someone who wears make up everyday and suddenly you see them without it and thought she doesn’t look the person you know? What happens is that she became associated with her make up that having without seems like incomplete. By that, she loses her natural self and people may not appreciate her natural beauty anymore.

Imperfections Are Normal. We all have our share of imperfections that we try to hide, however, embracing our imperfections than hiding it is the best way to deal with it. We don’t need to spend money to cover up something we know we can’t hide, or even if we can, that is not accepting our flaws (and if we don’t, who will?). I think it is just on the way we perceive things, so thinking positive will surely be a lot of help.

Save Time/Money. If you use less make up or any props you use for covering something then you save money buying it and save time by applying or wearing it. Save time worrying about it but rather be more productive in other areas of your strength and none will notice it. People notice it just because you notice it a lot, ignore it and they will soon too.

Isn’t it cool when you don’t have to hide anything at all? Let them see it no matter how bad it is, it’s all natural and benefits of living naturally is less worry, more positive energy.

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