I Got My First Google Adsense Check!

I Got My First Google Adsense Check!

(Google Adsense Payment Proof)

Weeeeeeeee!  Yes, I got my first Google Adsense paycheck!  I remember the time when Timon said, why not make your own blog site and earn money from it and not just blogging on the social network sites?  I was skeptical that blogging earns you money, I was like “How?”.

It was a year and a half since I started and it was from zero to $100 USD!  Yep, Google sent me a check converted into Philippine peso.  You can configure it to US Dollar check if you have dollar accounts with your local bank.  As for me, I don’t have dollar account yet, so Philippine peso is the best choice.  They will convert it with the current exchange at the date of issue, so no worries!

See, now I believe that blogging earns you money.  I got paid $100 USD through Paypal by Infolinks last November and $20 from Revtwt same month as Infolinks.  The next paycheck will not take as long though, because it started from scratch.  I already have more $60 USD in Adsense and still counting…  Once it reached the quota of $100, I will soon get another commission paycheck again! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I can now truly say that blogging earns you money!!!

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  1. Yeah, real proof indeed. I will make a Google account, now I’m using only infolinks and smowtion media on my sites.

  2. why not get your money via Western Union?

    1. I prefer check anyways…I don’t want to use asap. I want to savor the fruit of my blogging work! 😀

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