What’s the Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday? What are the first things you do in the morning to keep yourself groomed? We were taught early as kinder garden school what should we should to stay clean, and healthy. Staying Hygienic, is Staying Healthy.

So here are some Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday, check if you do this things to stay clean and healthy.

Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday

  • Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday #1 – Brush Your Teeth Everyday. Brushing your teeth 2x a day is my dentist’s recommended frequency. One in the morning and one before going to bed. Although, you can do more if necessary, and gargling with mouthwash helps you wash out residues of bad elements in your mouth and prevents bad cavities, gingivitis, tartar, etc..
  • Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday #2 – Wash Your Face. Washing your face as soon as you woke up in the morning eliminates those dried morning glories around your eyes and drools around your mouth. 😀 You could just splash warm water on your face, or use your favorite facial wash.
  • Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday #3 – Take a Bath. Taking a bath atleast once a day is recommended to wash out the bacterias that causes body odours, living fresh helps you feel fresh and confident. By doing this, you’re washing out dead skin cells as well (use body scrubs too for better results).
  • Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday #4 – Use Deodorants. Using deodorants to avoid underarm bad odours, specially if you sweat a lot. But DON”T use it without washing yourself (Either shower or bath) because bacterias love to live in moist areas, it will just cling unto it without washing it first and drying your skin before using deodorants.
  • Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday #5 – Change Your Clothes Everyday (Clean Clothes, I mean 😀 ). Changing clothes as often as necessary, like if you sweat more, change twice or more and shower every change is recommended. Sweat is one factor that causes body odour. Your sweat itself produce natural odour that’s unpleasant, and for some is worse than the others depending on the body elements chemistry. It’s useless doing all the washing, showers, and deodorising if you’ll not change with clean clothes.
  • Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday #6 – Comb Your Hair. Some people doesn’t seem to care about their hair, but it is everyone’s crowning glory. Combing your hair is grooming it and keeping yourself look good. Combing your hair frequently makes it more softer, but do not force it when its tangled. Untangle it with your fingers then continue combing to avoid hair strand breakage that causes Split Ends.

There’s your Hygienic Must-Do’s Everyday, if you want to look and feel great everyday, be more confident…then you really must do this. 😀 No joke.

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