HP Digital Clutch on the Runway!

I just saw another fashionable notebook out there, and this time it’s from HP (HP Vivienne Tam Special Edition Notebook – The Digital Clutch). Last week, I wrote a post about Sony’s P series, and when I saw HP Vivienne Tam Special Edition Notebook – The Digital Clutch today, I was like, Ohhhh now it’s a battle of the most fashionable notebook out there. HP Digital Clutch on the Runway!

HP Digital Clutch on the Runway!

HP Digital Clutch on the Runway!

As for the value HP won as you can get for $699 USD, Click the image below for the product demo…
HP Digital Clutch on the Runway!

Since, I am needing one as well as I am wishing new notebook to replace my old, big, heavy notebook as I am always on the go… I need lighter and smaller one, with all the necessities a blogger would need. Built in web cam, WiFi, reasonably big storage, and if possible dual core is the best. Both are doing great! and I would say,

“I deserve to win it because, not only that they gave me a gift by giving me the HP Vivienne Tam Special Edition Notebook – The Digital Clutch, they also won great advertisement for their product”.

I am a Fashion Blogger, and I travel. Wherever I go, I post interesting stuff on my blog. Plus, I get to flaunt this Fashionable Machine everywhere, and dude! That’s marketing and Advertising! and I know I could really help them advertise as I know how Internet Marketing works. I am only blogging for almost 5 months but I have cool audiences and response from my fellow bloggers as well as readers. Also, my blog’s posts are search engine friendly, and that is a win-win for HP and me. 😀 That is one good motivation for me to do it for HP as well. This post is advertising too! Even if I am not living in US, I can make a difference for them.

Oh I would love to have a sponsor! That would be the coolest motivation to blog!!! Wahoooooooo! (Advance excitement?! lol 😀 ) Well, there it is, HP Digital Clutch on the Runway!

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