Hair is women’s crowning glory, although there is a large male population that are into vanity now to look good, whether on Hairstyles, Nail Care, Skin Care and even Fashion.

In short, grooming is the Universal tool of Personal Progression. We are not in the Medieval Ages, we already progressed in our Modern World and Grooming is the basics that is taught in school that we shouldn’t forget.

How to Use Hair Straightener Iron


Haircare is one of the most common grooming highlights, and so everyone have learned and still developing tricks to do to their hair in order to look good. One of the easiest and most common trick is using Hair Straighteners. Other tools such as Iron Hair Curlers and other Non-electric Straightening Tool are also available in the market… The video below will show you How to Use Hair Straightener Iron and not damage your hair.


Hair Straighteners is the quickest way to have that sleek straight or permed looking hair. It is very common to Asian women to have sleek hair, so their common resort is a Hair Straightener. Although, I don’t recommend using it often as it will ruin your hair. You can read more about Tips to Maintain Your Hair soft, Healthy, and Shiny.

Enjoy the step by step video of How to Use Hair Straightener Iron from Richard Ashforth.

How to Use Hair Straightener Iron

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  1. Be advised that some hair staighteners are really damaging to the hair follicles that is why we should avoid them. ,*::”

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