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Backpackers, admit it, not everyone we meet along the way are exactly like us.  We may fall in love with people like us who loves to do adventures and go to exotic places even though we have to sleep on the floor of another couch surfer, lucky for those who have found their partners with the same hobbies.  Yet, that doesn’t mean its unfortunate to travel with the one we love even if what he/she likes is not what is yours.

I’ve written about Why You Should NOT Travel with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend ages ago, but that was me being immature, has not fully learned how there can be so much to experience with someone you love, see beautiful things together, but there is a word called, Compromise, that I wasn’t ready to do then but I’m willingly doing right now.

You see, life is an adventure and it should be enjoyed within our utmost favor but same thing should go with your partner.  So really, how to travel with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

How to Travel With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Go to places you both like.  Surely, you guys have tons of similarities that attracted you to each other like you both enjoy watching movies, going to museums, to art galleries, heritage sites, beach bumming, or ghost hunting (I know that’s a weird addition, but who cares, it’s true).

Compromise.  You may both like hanging out by the beach but your partner might not be as active as you are.  If your partner just want to relax or would rather explore his/her foodie side then let him/her be, you can still enjoy bungy jumping or parasailing on your own and then you can tell him/her the stories later that day.  For sure you’ll both have an enjoyable night talking about how great your adventures went.

Try what your partner loves to do.  It doesn’t have to be all the time or trying to change totally to like what your partner like but going out of your comfort zone is always fun.  Why not try what he/she loves to do, who knows, you might like it too and then it would be much more fun doing things you love together.

Talk about why you love to do things and ask your partner why he/she loves to do those things too.  Sometimes, we don’t really understand why people do what they are doing until we do it.  Gym goers loves working out because it makes them feel good and healthy, Adventure seekers love the adrenaline rush and the feeling of conquering their fears.  Reasons behind it are sometimes deeper than just a hobby, try to dig deeper.

Respect each other’s space.  Your partner may need to spend his/her time on his/her own, most of the time when on vacation, it is the time they are expecting to reflect on their own which means they would need time to be alone.  Give them that space they need, you also need it too, use that time to look inwards for a better outlook in life.

Up to you if you still don’t want to travel with your partner, but it’s more fun traveling with a companion especially the one you love!  I know I wrote about fighting when you travel but I guess you fight everywhere anyway, but if you guys know how to ‘talk’ then everything will always be fun on the road.

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