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How to Tell if a Guy is a Player?

There’s a tough game happening everyday out there, most of the time as we know it, guys are always the player. Not all of the time, I know there are still women who mastered the technicalities of the game after several times of being played. Why?

Women are more in tuned to their emotions, men on the other hand are not so much. By just simply knowing the nature of women, men managed to master steps how to make women, fell for their trap. Therefore, women who always fell for that men’s notion of playing games, you’ve got to read this.

How to Tell if a Guy is a Player?

  1. He always have a ready ‘I have a hidden agenda smile’ for every women. He doesn’t care if he looks weird just to throw that smile on you because he wants to score.Β  All he knows is that to get your attention.

  2. He always stare at you, making you feel uncomfortable. Guys like this love to watch how their charms are work, and making someone uncomfortable is their touch of victory(something like Midas’ golden touch…lol).

  3. He’s too aggressive to get your number. Specially if he asks your number directly, that’s flatteringΒ  I know, but its awkward too (although some girls/women would find this fun and cool). Hmmm, read between the lines, he does not care if you feel awkward(Its quite self-centered isn’t it?).
  4. He is always extra nice to you, specially in public. Players love to impress people how good they are in their games, so if you think they are so thoughtful doing it in public…think again!

  5. He always wanna talk about s*x. Whether if he’s just telling you a s*xual episode he’d seen, or his alleged friend had those wild escapades, or just asking you every time about your past experiences…it only means just one thing, he’s after to get to your undies!
  6. He religiously tries different stuff to seduce you. Maybe he wants to make you jealous making stories about his ex wants him back by telling him she’s pregnant, but he likes you more…or trying to be reluctant being in a wild relationship but its normal or maybe, conservative… As long as he keeps persuading you to have s*x with him. Dude! you might wanna consider why you’re reading this.

  7. He wants to date you in very ‘romantic’ dark places. Players have one thing in their mind… SCORING! you know what I mean.Β  They are not into spending to please you or impress you. They are seeking dark places where they could easily score without spending anything or too much.
  8. Boasts about how many girlfriends he have had or currently have. This is obviously a player, no doubt.
  9. He always wants to strike a chat with every women he doesn’t know. It’s okay if he’s just nice and friendly, but excessively friendly? wants to chat to every single ladies one at a time on a very quickest way possible…hmmm…not really nice.
  10. Always wants to buy you a drink. Whenever you’re at the club, bars, or parties… Why? it’s easier to score when you’re under the influence of alcohol girl! So wake up! Think!

So there you go girls…Hope I could help you on that. Maybe you’re wondering how did I learn all this stuff? I’ve observed and mingled with different type of guys trying to get my V thing conquered. Specially with V girls, they attract more these predators. Instead of being a victim, I studied them and now, giving you tips of how to find out who’s who among them…

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20 thoughts on “How to Tell if a Guy is a Player?

  1. LOL, You ready could read a man inside out…Men beware…But not all player are amateur player you know…

  2. I know… πŸ˜€ I can’t tell the whole secret of the game, otherwise there’s no game…but there’s one advice for girls or guys…WITS! You should carry it always… πŸ˜€

  3. im thundered. what a great site is this. this posting so much touchable. i saw your pic in blogcatalog but is it your real pic…. how did you get to write this…i salute u… i will follow your writing style.. thanx.hope you touch your own sky..

  4. Well, I’m glad that I don’t need those advices now – even if they’re good ones – becauz I’ll stay married until the death do us apart πŸ™‚

    Though when I was young (lol) I seemed to have some sort of radar when it comes to being played, avoiding it many times.

  5. Hahaha! Yeah, good for you…you’re over playing games and found your other half.

    Actually, I think you’d find the right one for you when you’re not playing games anymore.

    Yeah, me too!

  6. yeah i can tell if a guy is a player or not easily by experiences like onetime i was in a restaurant and then a guy came up to me and started talking to me we started a conversation and he kept talking to me about all his ex gfs(he also kept complimenting me) and then he told me omg i forgot to call my gf she is goin to get pissed at me (and he kept talking bout his gf)… a couple of hours later after talkin and talking he asked me out and for my numba n i told him didn’t you say you had a gf and he kept denying it… NOW DATZ A PLAYA… well peace pplz of da worldz c ya…

  7. Hey…i like what you wrote! awesome stuff! while i was reading trough, i just couldnt stop myself but go “OMG! he so did that!” im currently in my 2nd yr psychology degree…but one thing i still can’t figure out is the MALE SPECIES! i know this guy and we are friends, it started off as a flirtatious relationship and later on he went on askin if i’ve done ‘it’ b4 or not, he then said he ‘popped’ with his last ex-gf who used him, then he talked about his ex-gf’s, then as days pass by i developed a strong interest in him as he keeps flattering me with words such as “you’re hot”, “you’re cute and just the kind of girl i’d want”. Then one day i tried showing him signs that i might want us to be together, then he said he’s just interested in an open relationship at this point after his post-traumatic exp with his ex-gf! now we still talk to each other but he still does the dirty talking when he clearly stated that we should just remain friends and see how things mite go on in future… truly…he’s a nice guy…but i dunno if his just confused or he really is a jackass!

    1. I hate to say this, but he truly is a player. Girl, it’s just an act to flatter you and stuff so he could easily get access to your comfort zone. Be careful, these guys are lurking to find the easy prey. However, if you are starting to develop this feelings, you can be sure he does develop a little bit towards you as well. The thing is, if they are focused to the ‘it’ goal, it won’t matter. They think differently when levels of ‘libidos’ are high enough to make them no difference to animals.

      Guys that are really into you, wouldn’t even try to ask that question because it doesn’t matter to them whether you have done it or not. The thing is, if you’ve done it before, you’re quite an easier prey to persuade than V- girls. Keep your guards up around these guys girl.

  8. hi lindsay, ive enjoyed reading your blogs. it will educate us women on how to guard ourselves with the predator.

    1. Thanks Mabel! But this is just too simple facts, you take care of yourselves, there are better player out in the field that I might not tackled here… Just be smart and you’ll be ok. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m sorry, but this article describes an anti-player.

    1) Players do not make women feel uncomfortable. They make women feel a little too comfortable, thus being able to bed them.

    2) A real player will get the number but not in an overtly aggressive way. They like to make the girls come to him, not the other way around.

    3) Players do not boast about how many women they have as that would be a HUGE red flag. Any guy that tries to boast about how many women he has had to his target is NOT a player. He is a moron.

    In conclusion, players make women feel comfortable, can make them laugh, can tease them, are very confident, draw women to him instead of chasing after women, mysterious (do not divulge too much life information), can become physical with a woman and make her feel comfortable, do not call or contact a girl too much…. now this would make for an all around great guy except for one thing. He is using these techniques will all the girls he finds attractive… another words, a player.

  10. This is about half accurate. This is written by a woman, thus it is from a female perspective. I enjoy looking at the other genders standpoint and perception on things like this hence why I read the article. In all honestly, a true player would never follow half of those generalizations.

  11. agree with Chris. this assessment of players is shockingly basic and actually describes a lot of behaviour that regular ‘nice’ guys do. you know, the ‘nice’ guys who do nothing wrong and no woman wants but every woman says they want.

    anyway, i read this because i am in love with a girl who suspects i am a player simply because i am outgoing and social. i don’t sleep around and i am careful with my behaviour; i am certainly not someone that plays with women. But i read these things above and it makes me think i should point out some ‘player’ warnings of my own:

    1. Overwhelming confidence often driven by cocaine (this is almost never discussed by user)

    2. Players DON’T buy women drinks; they don’t need to. Their whole evening is geared on pick up lines and verbal/ body-language cues and tricks. Mugs buy women drinks and get nowhere. Many women seem happy to take the free drinks and I am not sure what the word is for that.

    3. Regular guys find players slimey and unpleasant cockblockers. if you have any male friends (non-romantic) they will confirm that players stand out like sore thumbs.

    4. Players seem to know every woman in the club, bar or wherever. They light up like lightbulbs when they see them (often so do the women) and mutually exchange air-kisses and over-blown hugs as if they were long lost partners.

    5. Players invade conversations and are rude, aggressive and threatening to other males. Many women seem to enjoy and even encourage this which makes it very hard for the regular or ‘nice’ guys to make any headway except with the aesthetically challenged.

    6. If you have the chance to engage a player in conversation, do so, it is a learning experience. At the least they are manipulative, sexually motivated people and at worst they are harmful sociopaths. Women can also be players (i’ve met many skillful ones who pass themselves off as ‘nice’ but actually regard men as bits of meat, just like their male counterparts). I deliberately engage them in conversation to learn, so i can better spot ‘bastards’

    7. Players will hit on their best friends girlfriend/wife/ex with no qualms. Of course, women who respond to these guys advances are equally to blame.

    8. Players display amazing verbal dexterity; its as if the emotionally sincere part of the brain has been cancelled and replaced with the storytelling/lying/excuse-making part. They don’t stumble, they just spit instant prefabricated, smooth lies to talk their way out of just about anything.

    9. Trust your instincts. in the first 2 seconds you i feel it in my bones if someone is a player.
    One of the key things is they don’t smile, they do that almost psychotic eye-stare (aka the cocaine stare) and they seem to be thinking of what to say next as they (DON’T) answer questions and (DON’T) listen to what you say.

    10. Finally, wake up. Not all players carry the same skillset. Many have exaggerated or built on their own character and individuality. Many are genuinely funny, engaging and socially mobile individuals. The PROBLEM is (and never forget it) they are almost ALWAYS emotionally damaged little boys inside, intent on tricking their way into as many womens pants as possible. Don’t give them the chance!

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    I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
    Fantastic blog and wonderful style and design.

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