How to Tell if a Guy is a Player?

How to Tell if a Guy is a Player?

There’s a tough game happening everyday out there, most of the time as we know it, guys are always the player. Not all of the time, I know there are still women who mastered the technicalities of the game after several times of being played. Why?

Women are more in tuned to their emotions, men on the other hand are not so much. By just simply knowing the nature of women, men managed to master steps how to make women, fell for their trap. Therefore, women who always fell for that men’s notion of playing games, you’ve got to read this.

How to Tell if a Guy is a Player?

  1. He always have a ready ‘I have a hidden agenda smile’ for every women. He doesn’t care if he looks weird just to throw that smile on you because he wants to score.  All he knows is that to get your attention.

  2. He always stare at you, making you feel uncomfortable. Guys like this love to watch how their charms are work, and making someone uncomfortable is their touch of victory(something like Midas’ golden touch…lol).

  3. He’s too aggressive to get your number. Specially if he asks your number directly, that’s flattering  I know, but its awkward too (although some girls/women would find this fun and cool). Hmmm, read between the lines, he does not care if you feel awkward(Its quite self-centered isn’t it?).
  4. He is always extra nice to you, specially in public. Players love to impress people how good they are in their games, so if you think they are so thoughtful doing it in public…think again!

  5. He always wanna talk about s*x. Whether if he’s just telling you a s*xual episode he’d seen, or his alleged friend had those wild escapades, or just asking you every time about your past experiences…it only means just one thing, he’s after to get to your undies!
  6. He religiously tries different stuff to seduce you. Maybe he wants to make you jealous making stories about his ex wants him back by telling him she’s pregnant, but he likes you more…or trying to be reluctant being in a wild relationship but its normal or maybe, conservative… As long as he keeps persuading you to have s*x with him. Dude! you might wanna consider why you’re reading this.

  7. He wants to date you in very ‘romantic’ dark places. Players have one thing in their mind… SCORING! you know what I mean.  They are not into spending to please you or impress you. They are seeking dark places where they could easily score without spending anything or too much.
  8. Boasts about how many girlfriends he have had or currently have. This is obviously a player, no doubt.
  9. He always wants to strike a chat with every women he doesn’t know. It’s okay if he’s just nice and friendly, but excessively friendly? wants to chat to every single ladies one at a time on a very quickest way possible…hmmm…not really nice.
  10. Always wants to buy you a drink.Whenever you’re at the club, bars, or parties… Why? it’s easier to score when you’re under the influence of alcohol girl! So wake up! Think!

So there you go girls…Hope I could help you on that. Maybe you’re wondering how did I learn all this stuff? I’ve observed and mingled with different type of guys trying to get my V thing conquered. Specially with V girls, they attract more these predators. Instead of being a victim, I studied them and now, giving you tips of how to find out who’s who among them…

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