fitness_gymHow to stay fit while backpacking, you may ask.  Well, if you are backpacking that means you are traveling at the cheapest cost to get somewhere.  Trying to stretch the budget to cover as much places as you can, do as much activities, eat local food for less, and everything that you want to experience on your backpacking adventure.  You might say, I won’t spend 180THB/day to go to the gym when I can spend all that for 2 hearty meals or can bring me from Bangkok to Pattaya by bus.

Things we always weigh to get what is more important for us while we’re on the road.  Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit or in shape while traveling.  There are a lot of ways to stay fit while traveling even on a budget, you don’t have to enroll to a gym or even pay an instructor for that matter.  How?

How to Stay Fit While Backpacking?

Walk a lot.  Not only that it saves you money, get you to be more familiar with the place as you interact closely by walking and seeing every streets, it also makes you fit.

Jog.  Everywhere in the world for sure would have parks or vacant spaces that you could spend time jogging to get fit.  Bring your iPod or Mobile phone to enjoy the jog with your own music.

Exercise on your own.  Just like the two above mentioned fitness activities, exercising on your own is one great idea.

Join locals on their games.  Everyday and everywhere I go, parks are filled with locals doing their daily fitness routine.  There are people playing badminton, tennis, frisbee, basketball, soccer, sepak takraw, volley ball, depending on where you are in the world they have something going on, join them and you’ll sure have some fun!

Public Fitness Equipments.  Use the public fitness equipment, in Asia, public parks usually have a built in fitness equipment that most people take for granted but they are good for your own benefit.  However, when I was in Italy I didn’t see much of it, its not as common as it is in Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand have it) but it doesn’t mean you can’t use a free fitness equipment in Europe.  Gyms often have free trial, you can take advantage of that since you won’t even stay a long time in the gym or you can just walk or jog at the park.

Public Aerobics.  In Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, I always take advantage of their public aerobics sessions every 6pm at the public parks.  It’s FREE, it’s fun, and makes me fit.  Sometimes they have a donation can where you can give whatever your heart feels like giving these awesome ladies that gives free aerobic classes.

Explore.  By exploring more, you get to meet a lot of people that are fond of doing activities like trekking, snorkeling, spelunking, and even rock climbing.  I was lucky enough together with my friend Leizel, to have met these Canadian climbers that invited us to climb for free and even saved my life! Not only you become fit, you also meet people that becomes your friend, and you gained unforgettable experiences for that trip.

Well, I’m sure there are more than I just have shared out there.  My point is, there are ways to stay fit if you really want to even if you are million miles away from your favorite gym back in your homeland!  Stay fit and keep in shape!

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  1. I totally agree with this, I am a great believer in personal fitness myself and it is so easy to stay fit and healthy when you are travelling that there really is no excuse not to! Great post!

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