How to Make Cheap International Calls from Thailand?

Whenever we’re traveling, despite the new age of communication (or information) highway, we should not be bothered with the International calling situation, right? Yeah you might say, there’s Skype, there’s Kik, Viber, Line, Messenger, and all these new applications that we can freely download from the internet to get free  video calls to see your loved ones while talking to them and update them with your travel details. It made our lives easier to connect.

Skype is awesome, but…

Yet, there are still reasons that you would or might have to call them home through their phones.  See, the video chats work on a scheduled basis.  Sure, you don’t have to pay anything as long as you have internet access (or just the internet access fee)and the application you need to communicate (Skype, YM, Line, Viber, etc.) but you have to pre-arrange a time when would you both log-in to your Skype account for example to get to talk to each other.

Emergency Calls, Urgent Situations

What about emergency calls? Urgent situations that needs urgent action?  Those things we hopefully don’t find ourselves into but it’s always better to be ready and to know what other options you have, in case you need it.  I’ve experienced it many times wherever I was, that I have to make phone calls to my bank in the Philippines because I forgot the password many times and since, I spent a lot just to reset my password from overseas, I know the stress of the need to wait until that stupid automated answering machine shuts up, finished playing the annoying music for their hold queue, every minute counts.  Yes, it would take really expensive. Here’s the alternative…

So, How to Make Cheap International Calls from Thailand?

I figured out the cheapest way to call home or everywhere is get local sim card ages ago.  Which is why everywhere I go, I always get a local sim card because it’s easier to top up, it’s cheaper than going to a real call booths or internet phone shop that always fail, and easy to call for help.  Here in Thailand, I have tested few sim cards and the cheapest they have is DTAC (or Happy).  I wouldn’t do rate comparison here from the competitors and I don’t have any commission here (better if they would once they read this), although the normal rates per minute would still cost a lot.

E.g.) DTAC regular call rate to the Philippines = 21 THB/minute

Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number = 21 THB/minute

cheap_international_calls_from_thailandI figured that if we have call saving codes that we use to call internationally from the Philippines, I’m sure they would have it here too.  I searched the internet and wallah!

You just have to dial 004 code before everything else and its way cheaper than the regular call rate.

E.g.) DTAC 004 code call rate to the Philippines = 15THB/min

004 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number = 15THB/min

Every baht you save per minute matters when you are calling in/from an emergency situation.  Cost of DTAC sim card depends on how much is the credit with it but you can get as cheap as 50 THB with just none or 10 THB credit in it.  Here’s the link where you can check the different rates for different countries.

Did this information help? Have you experienced paying lots of money to call home or overseas?

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Cheap International Calls from Thailand

  1. I also feel that Skype is one of the best options available in the market for audio and video calling from Skype to Skype, but it requires internet connection. Now good news for everyone who wish to make calls without internet connection or on mobile phones or landline phones. You just need to buy Skype credit and get connected with your loved ones.

    1. I agree, but there are some calls that needs to be done in a real landline if wherever you are in the world does not have a good internet connection. For resetting password for my bank, I forgot the reason why the Skype phone call didn’t work but I did buy credit to do it almost 5 years ago, but for sure technology is better now than way back then.

  2. Whenever I was traveling I couldn’t connect with my friends and family, But now I can make calls without internet connection or on mobile phones or landline phones with my loved ones.

    1. With the technology changing every second, there are more and more options to communicate throughout the world. The problem is when you are at the place where it is not available for everybody.

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