European women are fond with the chic look of fringes, but we all know that it is a high maintenance haircut.  Most specially to the women who are always tying up their hair and decided to have a fringe.  I know how it is  because this is what happened in my case. I always love tying my hair up, annoyed with the hair poking my eyes and causing me some pimples, plus the fact that I am living in a tropical island of the Philippines that is normally 30 degrees and above.

But when I saw Camilla Belle’s fringe, dango! I told myself that was an awesome looking fringe!  Really chic and simply stylish.  So, I tried it myself but this time I have to be really sure and I want it to look great (Slacking for maintenance is not acceptable!lol).

Pointers in Maintaining Your Fringe

Okay, so I cut my hair and got my fringe.  I am having troubles making it look awesome as it keeps want to pull its own up.  Simply because it’s always tied up all the years.  Let me share what I did to make it look the way I wanted to be, so you can enjoy a great looking fringe too.

  • Keep your fringe down. Don’t even clip it up, or if you need to for washing your face and some facial rituals everynight/day, make sure to do it fast.  It will be more stubborn the longer you clip/tie it up.
  • Wet Look. Water makes it look great and follow the strokes of where you want it to go.  You can just dab some water with your hand to your fringe and style it with your hair brush.
  • Comb it, Brush it. Comb it down to how you want it to be everytime or brush it.  Hairbrushes always works better to longer fringes, rolling it in making it curl a bit and adding a bit of volume to your fringe.
  • Hair Polish. If all those mentioned above doesn’t work, there is another alternative to do it.  Hair Polish can make it obedient to your styling without making it sticky like the hair gel does.  Only use a little bit of it to avoid it from appearing too limp and oily.

These are the tricks I used to maintain the best look of my fringe.  It is hard at first, as I am used to neat hairstyle like tying up my hair.  Yet, as soon as I saw the difference of the look the longer I let it down, the better it looks, then I just kept it that way until I got used to it.

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