Sometimes, we are not given a chance to speak, talk, or express what we want to. That way we feel imprisoned within, we keep everything in. Although I know, there is a time for everything. Our time to speak will come, yet, at the moment we felt we were suppressed to tell what we want to, to tell our own views different to others, it is depressing.  It will come out, how? no one ever knows.

Learning is very important part of life, and we learn from reading, interacting, listening…and learning leads to knowledge. “We learn more by listening not by talking. Not until we learn how to listen shall we speak of what we’ve learned, because that only means that we have not learned anything. If we do, we should have known how to listen before speaking”.

Knowledge is not knowing everything, it is knowing facts, it is intelligence whether naturally or gained with effort. It is knowing what, how, when to do things need to be done. It is a tool to find out the truth.

Truth is not presented as how we thought it is presented. Finding out truth is not easy, it takes a lot of courage to find out. Most of the time, emotions play a great part of finding the truth, denial comes along the way when almost there, when you have glimpsed it.  Yet, truth have come your way the way you didn’t expect it to be. No turning back. Truth revealed itself. It is hard to accept, but acceptance is the best way to deal with it. Take your time accepting the truth, absorb what truth can teach you.   Live life how you are supposed to, not how you set your mind to.

In accepting the truth, you gained Wisdom. Wisdom is knowing the fact that you don’t know everything, anything at all. It’s how a teacher stand back when his student have something to say. It is accepting without asking, loving unconditional, giving without expecting. Wisdom feel what love can feel, and see what eyes can’t see.

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