(TriPinas’ van to Pinatubo)

How to Go to Mt.Pinatubo?  Unfortunately, I didn’t go my own way this time just because my trip to Pinatubo keeps getting postponed and I booked this tour with TriPinas at the last minute.  I sent messages to Jovi asking if she have a vacant slot for a solo traveller and she said she doesn’t have for that week.  Thursday, when I could not accept that I would not be able to go on Saturday just because Jovi doesn’t have space for me.

(Pinatubo Spa Town is the Registration Point)

I seek the help of Google and saw TriPinas’ site,  I called and ask if they have slot for one traveller, Ana, the cool owner of TriPinas said she has one more spot left and I have to deposit 1,000 pesos($20) which is half the price of the full tour ($40).  I paid it the next day and sent her the form I have to fill up for the reservation.  When I received the voucher, I know I’m bound to see my fantasy island.

TriPinas has a van to pick everyone at the meeting point in EDSA corner Quezon Ave. at Mc Donald’s.  3am was the meet up time and we left 4am, we were 2 vans in the that trip.  Ana, was so cool and accommodating she owns TriPinas that offers tours to Pinatubo and Sagada (and I’ll do Sagada one day too).  Here’s our itinerary for that day and the inclusions of TriPinas’ Pinatubo Package;

(The 4×4 Adventure and the amazing lahar formation view)

Tour inclusions:
• round trip A/C van transfer (Manila-Pinatubo base camp-Manila)
• round trip 4×4 vehicle transfer with driver
• local guide
• conservation fee
• certificate of conquest
• service of a tour coordinator

Itinerary (old way)
0300 Assembly time. (McDonalds, EDSA corner Quezon Ave. close to the MRT Quezon Ave. station)
Breakfast and buy your lunch (at clients’ account)
0630 ETA Brgy. Sta. Juliana (base camp) to finalize prior arrangements.
0645 Board 4×4 vehicles.
0800 Start trekking (2 to 3 hours walking)
1030 ETA at the crater of Mt. Pinatubo. Swimming, taking of photos, lunch (at clients’ account)
1200 Start return trek
(2 to 3 hours walking)
1430 Back to the 4x4s.
1530 Back at base camp. Freshen up.
1600 Departure from the base camp to Manila.
1900 ETA Manila.

Optional add-ons :
Boat ride: Php 350/person (Only in January onwards when weather is better)
Packed Lunch: Php 250/person (must be pre-ordered at least 48 hours before the tour)
Massage: Php500/person per service (Full body or Volcanic ash or Mud pool)
Use of shower and locker facilities at the base camp: Php 100/person

The use of skyway will not be possible in the future said Ana, so the 45minutes trek before will not exist but rather everyone should do the 6 hour back and forth trek to Pinatubo. It’s worth it though, believe me!
To all who wants to do it the backpackers way (on your own), you can take Philippine Rabbit buses enroute to Tarlac or Baguio and alight to Capas,Tarlac.  The fare will not be more than 200 pesos ($4).  From Capas, you can rather negotiate with 4×4’s there for 6,000pesos[$120] (4pax capacity) for to and from Capas to the Pinatubo trek point which includes lunch, mud spa, conservation fee, registration, local guide, and the 4×4 driver.  I know its cheaper that way, but I didn’t have enough time and I was really dying to see my fantasy land.  Still, its all worth it meeting those wonderful people I was with on this trip with TriPinas! Kudos to Ana for making this trip a great experience for everyone!!!


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8 thoughts on “How to Go to Mt.Pinatubo

  1. This is great!

    I’ll be in Pampanga already visiting family, can I just make my way to Capas and then there will be people there where I can arrange the 4×4 and trekking?

    1. Yep, you can just go directly to the Pinatubo Spa town and talk to the people there if they can squeeze you in for their tours or prolly talk to the 4×4 drivers for the other options. Or you can contact Jovi at 09283410402 (maybe she can find you some group tours you can join in to split the cost).

  2. Hi!! my officemates and i are going to pinatubo on april 21!!thanks for the tips..and ang galing ha..solo backpacker:) and.. eto.. were planning din to go to SAGADA, can i have tripilipinas contact number?baka maka kuha kame ng mgandang package…Thanks much!!:)

  3. Could you help me, Lyndsay? If you have time.

    I’m going to book a Pinatubo tour from Angeles – which is the closest city, so should be cheaper than a tour from Manila (or at least I can wake up later!) My hotel is offering 3,350 pesos per person for a private trip, which seems a bit expensive (they don’t say what’s included in the package yet). I also found a website that offers 1,990 pesos per person for a public tour, but that’s only on certain days and not when I’ll be in Angeles.

    I’m really bad with exchange rates, so does this sound fair compared to what you paid for the day trip? It’s probably fair, but I do like to save money if I have the chance…

  4. Dammit, Pinatubo’s inaccessible *again* due to soil erosion, a rockslide or something. Third time lucky…?

    1. Aww! Sorry to hear that but maybe you can dive with the whale sharks in Donsol, or try Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur. Haven’t done those!

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