Last year, I heard it from a fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger (PTB) that there is a visa on arrival to Myanmar, and as it suggests I thought I can just walk into the immigration and can buy me a “Visa On Arrival”.  To make the story short, when I somehow planned my trip to KL to Myanmar, I was relying to the “Visa On Arrival”.  Also, too much relying because I read an article from Air Asia’s website that they do have e-Visa to Myanmar already, and when I checked it, the site is apologizing for the inconvenience and directing people to go the nearest embassies instead.

Tickets booked from KL to Yangon, then Mandalay to Bangkok.  Then a month from the trip, I decided to research on how the “Visa On Arrival” works, it turned out that it only works for Business visas and the tourist ones are only pre-arranged! OMG!  I don’t know how much it would take me since the pre-arranged visa will have to be applied in their embassy.  Sure, I am now 16 hours away from Bangkok so I really have to plan this out.  Processing takes 2 business days if you’ll do it on your own, not bad but then I have mapped out that I will take a bus from here to Kuala Lumpur which is also 16 hours away.  If I have to go to Bangkok then I would have to fly to Kuala Lumpur which may cost me a lot because its last hour booking.  I was stressing out, I need to be out of Thailand soon because my visa is expiring. Panic attack!

How to Get an e-Visa to Myanmar

I have to think about time, budget, and hassles on how to get all this done.  I can’t just ignore it because tickets are booked.  What saved me from all these hassles? I found on the Internet that there are online visa agencies who charges certain amount to get it all done for you.  It was way expensive than doing it on your own, but in my case, if it will cost me almost the same less the hassle and time to get it in Bangkok and all.

I researched online on different agencies that I can get it to, I found several ones but the cheapest I found was with Oway.  I paid $ 60 USD for their service and it takes longer than a usual 2 business days with them which is 10 business days max. instead, but they are on time, reliable, and have a great customer service.

All you need to do is fill up their online application form and pay the $60 USD, attaching your scanned passport and a passport photo, they will be processing it as soon as they receive it.

 I’ve got the scanned documents from them that I have been approved for the “Visa On Arrival” on the exact 10th business day after my application and I had no problem asking their customer service about questions I need to know about it.  They have been so helpful which is why I am writing this post in return of that good service they gave me.  They sorted all my problems.  To all of you who are skeptical about it like I was when I started (I actually did it with my eyes closed, hoping it would turn out alright, and it did.), it was well worth it.

(My Visa On Arrival to Myanmar Approval Document)

Approved Visa On Arrival

As soon as they get it done, they will email you the documents you have to show the immigration officers for your “Visa On Arrival”.  They will also email it to the immigration officers and agents they have in Myanmar for you not to worry about getting through the immigration when they ask you questions.

Here’s what Oway’s helpful tips on your arrival:

  • Once your visa is approved, we will send approval letter to you by email. We will also send a letter to your air line for your easy boarding. 

  • Please print that letter out and show them at the air line counter if they ask for Myanmar Visa.

  • After arriving in Myanmar, please proceed to immigration Visa On Arrival counter. (Your visa form will be already in the hand of immigration officer).        

  • You will receive Visa sticker on your passport after being checked in by the immigration officer.

I have yet to get there on the 18th of March, but I will update you more about the visa about how I went through it soon.  So far, I hope I have helped you get your Visa On Arrival to Myanmar questions and problems sorted out just like mine.

“Here’s the UPDATE of what happened on my “Visa On Arrival” to Myanmar.”


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