How to Get Over Your Ex?

After a break-up, one of the couple would feel really bad or maybe both of you will feel bad.  Why not? Separation always sucks but I am no expert in this relationship break-up situation, but once or twice maybe we all go through all this. Do you remember how it is the first time it happened?

I mean, the first boyfriend will always be the hardest to get over hey…  It was the fact how your mind is not corrupted with any other intentions but just following your heart no matter how crazy it is.  The thing is, what happens when it has to end?

Sucks!  That’s all I can say…  But that doesn’t mean the world is over.  Mourning of what you have lost, losing your love, your dreams, however you built it in your mind needs time.  Feel how it is inside you. Cry.  You’ll soon realize how bad it is feeling that way everyday anyway.  You’ll get over it as soon as you think it will be.

Moving on is one hard way to do.  Think about how your life is, acknowledge what have you done wrong, learn from it.  It doesn’t mean its all your fault, everyone has.  There are reasons why things happens… So, How to Get Over Your Ex?  That is one interesting questions for all broken-hearted people out there that doesn’t know where to start.

Here are some pointers that can help you how to get over your ex?

  • Mourn. Cry if you need to cry out hurts and pains inside you, let it out so you’ll soon have space to breathe in the new refreshing feeling.
  • Decide to put an end to it. Ending it all in your mind will make you stop hoping for further communications and anything related to your ex.
  • Once you decide, Act on it. You can’t just say yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.  You can’t move on that way.  Decide what path you want to go and there’s no way you can change his mind choosing not to be with you anymore.
  • Distract Yourself. Go out with your friends, meet other people, enjoy the freedom of being single.  It is not necessarily mean you have to date, just distracting yourself from feeling vulnerable.
  • Stop Feeling Vulnerable. The moment you decided you don’t want to be miserable anymore, is the moment you are opening to greater options.  Opportunities will come for positive people.
  • Pick Yourself Up from the Pieces. Part of you were broken, but not the whole you.  Patch yourself up, avoid what’s aggravating the feeling.  Stand up from where you stumble and get on with your life.
  • Start Dreaming Again. Dreams are always positive and dreaming once again for yourself will lift up your mood.  It will also help you become a better person and be yourself once again.

Those are just some tips on how to get over your ex?  You can also listen to what Dr.Michelle has to say.  Let’s hear from the expert on what to do on How to Get Over Your Ex?  This will make you realize how bad you are treating yourself letting people hurt you that way.

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One thought on “How to Get Over Your Ex?

  1. Im attracted to a woman, that recently broke up,thought she was over it. Then she changed
    to just be friends. Now im hurt.

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