How to Get Around Scottsdale?


Arizona, USA – Phoenix is the largest city of Arizona and the most populated city in the USA according to Wikipedia. Scottsdale is continuously growing as a city.  City that is known for its night life, home for technology companies, amazing weather that locals get so excited about, food, shopping, and nature.

Why not? Being new in the place, slowly understanding the country, people, and the local scene I learned that it doesn’t take too much to realize why locals take pride of their city and why they love it. Events are going on and on from October to June. Galleries, events, party, shopping, nature, and dining scenes in Scottsdale won’t bore you, really.

You’d want to know how to get around the city when you visit and just like how I want to do it, frugal ways to travel.  Scottsdale is very touristy too which means it could be a little pricey.  Old Town Scottsdale can be both pricey and on a budget, whichever way you want to go. Budget shouldn’t stop you from visiting the fancy cool Old Town Scottsdale because from happy hour for foodies, we also offer free rides and minimum fare mass transit.

  • Free Trolley – In Old Town Scottsdale where most parties and events are happening, there is always free trolley ride that arrives every 10 minutes and goes to four different routes. Check out HERE for more detailed routes and schedule.
  • Golf Carts – If you don’t want to wait 10 minutes, golf carts roam around anywhere in Old Town Scottsdale as well operating by tips only without flat rates. Be courteous and reasonable giving tips please. You can contact Trips 4 Tips for their golf cart service around Old Town Scottsdale: 602-488-7208. (Disclaimer: I am not paid for this, just helping out people like me finding other ways to get around Scottsdale. Please let them know you read it on Lyndsay’s blog.)
  • Metro Valley Bus – Mass transit bus where you can either pay exact fare on the bus or get 1 day ($2), 7 day ($20), or 31 day pass ($64) from local retailers like Walgreen’s and Circle K stores or online. Online metro tickets gets delivered in 7 days, if you need it before that, you have to get it from the retailers.
  • Uber – This is pretty much self explanatory. Download Uber app on your phone and start using it.
  • Taxi – Like Uber, it’s self explanatory. It has been around for a long time and they are everywhere.
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  1. Your picture makes the place look so quaint. I have a stupid question now. Does every US city have a trolley like that? It looks like a great thing to use to go around.

    1. Not sure, but I know San Francisco are know for their trams which looks like our trolley. The trolleys are just going around Old Town Scottsdale, the tourist town.

  2. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    I’d love to experience riding in that trolley! I’ve been using Uber service and it is nothing else but great. I’ve never had any negative experience with their drivers. I’ll keep these tips in mind if and when I visit Scottsdale.

    1. Let me know when you’re heading this way, it would be fun to meet up with you here. 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t mind taking the trolley, it looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing, I’ve never been to Scottsdale but at least I have an idea on how to get around in case I find myself there one of these days!

    1. Oh yes, it’s a cool place to be. Never boring, always have a lot of things going on!

  4. Scottsdale is such a cute town and I didn’t even know they had a trolley! I’m keeping that in mind for the next time i’m there:).

    1. For sure, and they’re FREE! How great is that?

  5. The trolley looks so much fun and amazing. Wish to get into it atleast once.

  6. Love the photos! Scottsdale is a cool place to go. I wanna go there.

    1. You’d love it here! Great parties, festivals, shows, galleries, name it!

  7. just1mommysopinion

    I went to Scottsdale a few years back and loved it! Beautiful area and great shopping. I love trolleys too 🙂

    1. Nice to hear a feedback from someone who has been here, I love that you loved our cute little artsy town!

  8. oh I have never heard of this town but by your pictures it looks an amazing place to visit

    1. Scottsdale is young and fast growing tech and tourist place.

  9. Love that picture! Gorgeous.

  10. This is so useful this is a very great town and it’s very helpful to know how to move around

    1. I couldn’t find anything when I first got here so I thought I’d share this helpful tips to get around.

  11. Because... I'm cheap

    I love cute towns with trolleys. Especially around the holidays when they decorate. Too cute!

  12. Taking the trolley looks like so much fun! Would like to try it

  13. Even though Scottsdale is hot and dry place to live, I would still visit it for its luxurious environment. One of the most expensive place in Arizona.

    1. It is ridiculously hot in summer but that is just 4 months of the year, we still enjoy the rest of the wonderful months of the lovely winter weather here. It gets really festive when the winter months begin. You’ll love it. There are affordable places to go, stay, and do around Scottsdale as well.

  14. hautebeautyguide

    Scottsdale is one of my favorite places to visit. Top Golf is so fun. Next time I am staying close to Old Town for sure so I can just roam in a golf cart.

    1. I love Top Golf too! Where playing golf becomes more fun.

  15. Jonathan W Key

    I’d probably take the trolly or get an Uber cab. I’d love to visit Scottsdale some day!

    1. Trolley is free ride, golf cart service are tips only, and Uber is still one of the most common way to get around anywhere.

  16. Trolley riding!! That sounds so fun!

  17. Shaylee Field

    Oh I LOVE Scottsdale! I did a lot of walking when I was there around old town Scottsdale which was lovely 🙂

  18. I totally love the ol Trolley! Great pictures!

  19. Nice pictures! This sounds so much fun 🙂 Wish to see this place some day.

  20. My husband is trying to get me to go on a work trip with him to Scottsdale so this would be a fun option to get around on the Trolley!

    1. Oh for sure you’d love it! Hop on and off one for free to get around town? More than just a deal.

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