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According to one who reviewed my blog, she didn’t get enough helpful information about Italy, especially Milan. Since, I haven’t really been ‘around Italy’ as I was cruising Mediterranean, I have no excuse living and working in Milan for 3 years so at least, I will talk about Milan travel tips. It was 7 years ago, but I could still give you updated budget tips how to get around in Milan on your own.

How to Get Around Milan: Trams and Buses

Milan is such an easy city to get around too, aside from a very organize transport system and choices of tickets to save money, it is also possible to plan and get to one location to another on time. Most bus, train, tram station have a digital displays of how long will the next vehicle will arrive. For the old ones, they have a time table attached and also indicates what bus, tram numbers stops on that stand.


How to Get Around Milan: Metro Train

Train stations are easier to understand for travelers, following the train maps and it’s color coded route will make your travels fast and smooth.

ATM is the transport company running all these, there are different types of tickets locals and travelers can get. ATM keeps their old school but they have a modern ways of dealing things too, just like how they preserve their vintage trams but gets a modern bullet trams. Same goes with buying tickets, which you can avail online, by the office, at the nearest accredited coffee shops and news stands(they’re everywhere) and you can either buy online tickets, reload your ATM travel card by the machine or buy an old school stamp tickets too. You can even a ticket for one-time use, unlimited for a day, a week, a month, and even a year. All you need is to plan your trip or how often you would use ATM transport service.


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I used to get a monthly ticket when I lived in Milan. Back then, it was 28€ unlimited ride with ATM buses, trams, and the metro for a month. However, it was 7 years ago… Here is an updated one.

What Travel Ticket Card to Get in Milan?

Take note, that they sell a Tourism Card called, RIcaricaMI costing at 2,50€ which includes a single ticket in the price, not bad. At the same time, you can recharge it with your choice of tickets:

>Urban Ticket (90 minutes from stamping) = 1,50€
>One Day Ticket (24 Hours Unlimited ATM Ride) = 4,50€
>2-Week Ticket (two 90 minutes a day for 6 days of the same week) = 10€
>Evening Ticket (from 8pm until ATM closes operation for the day) = 3€
>Monthly Ticket (A Month Unlimited)

RIcaricaMI is for travelers, you can get this card from all the nearest and accessible ATM Points which are all located at Metro Stations:

Duomo M1-M3
Centrale M2-M3
Cadorna M1-M2
Garibaldi M2
Loreto M1-M2
Romolo M2

Open from Mondays – Saturdays, from 7:45AM – 7:15PM.

How to Use RIcaricaMI?

All travel cards should be stamped or electronically stamped when you get on the bus/tram or before entering the metro and exiting the metro (or you will not be able to enter metro lines).

NOTE: Luggages are charged 1,50€, valid after until 90 minutes of stamping. Always, carry your travel cards anywhere you go with your ID. Control officers checks trams and buses randomly.

More Information Here:

I guess, I won’t be an embarrassing travel blogger that lived in Milan,Italy for 3 years anymore. You guys are getting the biggest secrets of public transport.

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