How to Dress Fashionably for Your Office?


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Dressing up everyday for your office isn’t that hard, and there are benefits in dressing up for work as well, for yourself and for people you are working with that will help your corporate relations to your co-worker, business partners, and clients.

Benefits of Dressing Up

  • Confidence. You will be more confident knowing that you are presentable to your clients, co-workers and to the bosses in presentations.  Therefore, you can confidently present your reports with flying colors.
  • Mood. When you’re confident in how you look, your mood changes , into positive wheel making your environment lit up a bit into a happier mood and feelings.  This is contagious, spreading positive energies in workplace makes you all more productive and lighter.
  • Impression. Dressing up makes a big difference in establishing great impressions.  Clients will trust you more if you know how to present your self well.  That means you are responsible in taking care of yourself and so to other things around you.  Therefore, whatever you handle is trustworthy and will always be in good condition which means, business ($$$$).

Tips on Corporate Fashion

Dressing up with corporate fashion is cool, but there are some points you have to take note because you’re dealing with business.  Meaning, you are representing the company’s name so you have to dress formally and with credibility.

Black Stockings. Skirts for women are great, but always wear black stockings to appear formal and cool.

χ Ultra minis. Do not wear mini skirts in your office unless it’s a day out.  Wear skirts that are atleast 1 inch above the knee and longer.  Pencil cuts looks great as a corporate attire paired with stilettos and good blouse.

Blazers/Suits. Blazers and suits looks great in corporate attires, also it is a flexible wear to carry around to warm you up when it’s freezing or take it off when it’s warmer.  Specially on presentations and conventions, it’s always a good corporate fashion tool.  Make sure you always have a decent blouse beneath it.

χ See-Throughs. Avoid wearing see-throughs in your workplace, or if you want to wear it so you’ll be ready for a night out after work, be sure to have your blazers on while you’re in the office.

Colors. Try to wear different colors at work but make sure to keep it two-toned colors.  Try matching a different color, keep in mind that you should be matching it to a darker color as well. (eg. a white top paired with dark purple pants and blazer will look great)

χ Multi-Colors. Wearing bold multicolored outfits is screaming “No, No!”, unless you know how to blend colors well, and you’re in a higher position at work. Do not wear bold colors, it may become a distractions on your business and lose it if you’re not careful.

Accessories. Wear a bit of accessories to make you look more interesting, but remember that anything too much is too bad!  So, do not over accessorize yourself that would make you feel uncomfortable to work productively and confidently.

χ Long Slits. Be careful of skirt slits, be aware of the length of your slits.  Do not wear skirts with long slits, it will looks scandalous when you walk or bend over when it’s necessary.  This will give people bad impressions about you.

Shoes. Stilettos always look good on corporate attires, although there are alternatives in looking good and comfortable like wearing wedges and flats.  Make sure you are comfortable in your shoes to be more productive, being uncomfy in your shoes would stress you out at the end of the day.  So take note how outgoing and busy you are at work.  If you are the busy/running type, you should wear flats or if you want to wear heels, choose the wedges or thick heeled or low heeled shoes to cope up with the busy workstyle without compromising the look to your performance at work.

χ Plunging Necklines. Do not wear clothing with plunging necklines, again, it would give out bad impressions about you.

There are the pointers of what to wear and what’s not to wear in your office.  Keep in mind your goal, and that you are doing business when you’re at work.  First impressions comes a long way in business, so think business like in choosing your attire and be cool to be innovative in looking good at work.  Work your corporate wardrobe with your personality, do not change your personality, work it with yours!

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