Being short and petite is not cute all the time, it is sometimes a pain in the a** when confronted with real life situations.  Although, their tricks how to elongate yourself to look taller.  I would be sharing how to dress and look taller in this post.

The trick you should learn is tricking a human eye, creating illusions that you are taller than you really are.  It is not unknown to the public that illusionist like famous magicians David Blane and Copperfield have convinced their audience that what they do is real.  It’s the same in fashion.

Tips on How to Dress and Look Taller

You create a whole illusion that will make you look taller.  Colors and prints helps you to shorten or elongate yourself.  The size and cuts of clothes, accessories you wear also matters.  Even other hocus focus trick like Shoes for Short Women to Look Taller works, but few petite women out there are exposed to the trick of fashion like this.

But here, I will offer it to all the petites free to make yourself taller even with just a magic trick!  Try all these and you’ll see the difference.  Absorb all the juices I pour on you on this Tips on How to Dress and Look Taller issue.  Have a Great Taller Day!

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