Men or women can suffer from hair fall problem that most people do not give much attention resulting to baldness at the later years of their lives.  This is not really attractive to see and you don’t even want to reach that phase, although we all want to have sexiest hair style by using conditioner, there ware ways to get around it.

Conditioner does the job of everything we want for our hair like smooth, shiny, silky effect but sometimes conditioners make our hair more prone to hair fall due to the chemicals they use for the product.  Although there are alternative ways to use or do to have a well conditioned and healthy crowning glory that I will share to you.

Tips to Condition Your Hair for Less Hair Fall

Use Organic Products. There are conditioners in the supermarkets that are made with organic ingredients which means it uses less chemicals that could possibly contribute to your hair fall. Natural herbal products are way safer to use than chemically made well advertised ones, not only you will save your hair from its harmful effects but also you can save money!  Another thing is you are saving the environment at the same time (aren’t those a win-win reasons to do).

Condition Your Hair NOT Scalp. When using conditioner, we tend to conditions our scalp too which is good.  However for those who are prone to hair fall it is advisable to just apply the conditioner to your hair.  Try not to put conditioner on your scalp, because it might be too strong for your scalp to handle the chemicals that causes hair fall.  Although, using a natural or organic conditioner will be good for your scalp.

Be Gentle to Your Scalp. Just be gentle treating your scalp, when combing your hair, gently do the brushing or combing your hair.  Do not force the tangled hair with your brush or comb.  When drying your hair with towel, do not rub it too much but rather gently press the towel against your hair.  Do not use hair tie too much, and when you do, do not tie it too tight.

These are just simple tips that we take for granted everyday that can help us save our hair and scalp for future baldness, instead enjoy the fun of changing hair styles like Koreans do.  I hope this will all help you as it did to me. 🙂


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