As a traveler, we have to think more other things in buying our things that we will travel around, How to Choose Your Travel Purse? Of course, we want it to be:

>With Safety Features (like zipped pockets, hidden pockets, etc.)
>And Affordable.

Discount Travel Blogger is in need of new travel purse, and taking note of the things listed above I would also like to add a hint of my personal style to it. I still want to pack my stuff small, how else do you want to do it when you’re about to travel?

I wanted something that is not too big or too small to carry my travel essentials, like my passport, travel pass, money, mobile phone, transport cards, credit cards, pen, lip gloss, toothbrush, and facial wipes. I want it all easy access when I need it, something like a sling bag or a body bag kind that I can just hang across my shoulder when I pass immigration scanner, when I need to take my passport in and out at the immigration check, or filling up arrival/departure cards, buying something, or a simple retouch after a long trip.

Selections of Travel Purses

Here are my selections:



This red wine colored is very cute, small, and efficient choice traveling around. In all honesty, this is my best pick. It’s style, color, and the imitation leather will still do the job giving at ease on my budget too. It’s $9.46 online!



The mini brown purse looks cute, small enough to carry all the necessities when traveling. Yet, a li’l extra space would be better for my extra travel quick fix needs. Affordable at the price of $4.32.

I guess, you guys all know what’s my choice. These are just the contenders, I will be browsing for more candidates. What do you think? What’s your pick on these two travel purses?

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