teen shoe trends

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Shoes are always girls’ best friend, most girls are dying to wear different shoes on different styles of their outfit.  Coming from a reader, Greta, 16, who asked me to write about teen footwear and I told her I will…So this is to grant your wish Greta!

Teen Tips to Make Your Footwear Trendy All the Time

Teens can wear anything and still get away with it, that’s the fun of being young and bubbly.  It’s like you can cross both bridges at the same time.  I’.m talking about fashion, teens can either wear their high heels or emo sneakers and still be in the trend so no need to restrict yourself to one style.  I’ll be here to tell how to do it and how to make you look good on every footwear!

teen shoe trends

  • Wear with Your Age. Choosing footwear to wear isn’t really that hard, all you have to do is know what your personality or image you would want to project.  Be it emo, formal, casual, sporty, or whatever your mood dictates you to wear.  Always remember your age, do not be too formal as a vintage theme will look weird on a young teen (still, if you know how to work it out,  then wear it).
  • Be Resourceful. Teens live out on a budget, or if you already have a job then be smart.  You don’t need to wear branded or designer’s label all the time.  Be more creative, be fun, that’s what’s being young and teen are!
  • Mix and Match. Do not restrict yourself on rules like, having formal shoes with formal dress, casual attire on casual shoes etc…  Work on your style, be bold and use your imagination.  Do not over do anything, as fashion looks better in simple touches.
  • Heels 101. Wearing heels for teens sometimes doesn’t look so cool.  Why? It is because of not trying to mix it with a little fun touches.  Heels are known JUST to be worn by older women as it sometimes make you look mature, but knowing how to wear and when to wear them will look amazing.  Wear heels with your casual clothes and it would negate the appeal that heels are only good for women.
  • Colors. It makes the world beautiful.  From your skin tone or your clothing, try to match your shoes with the same or contrasting hues depending on the effect of the style you want to project.  Make sure to mix it well, to look well and great.

There you go, those are just some teen tips on how to wear and make their footwear trendy all the time.  Even so the teens are known for just wearing bubbly and casual footwear, the world is changing as everyone is trying different things to look great.  Why not?  Even Suri Cruise wears heels now, so why be restricted by the society or fashion rules.  Take note:  That the fashion models you see on the runways are teens as well, so just look good and your fashion will rule!

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3 thoughts on “How to Choose Trendy Footwear for Teens

  1. Teens are very choosy when it comes to fashion. Specially when choosing their footwear they love mix & matching their outfits.

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