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Hey women that are planning to have a baby out there!  Being preggy is not yet the end of the world when it comes to fashion.  You should keep in mind that this is the time when you have to double the effort to look good, because you’re dressing up for two hunny!

Why You Should Dress Up If You’re Pregnant?

  • First of all, the reason should be yourself.  You want to look good.
  • Being pregnant makes our body change.  Women tends to gain weight, and swollen hands, fingers, face, nose, legs and toes.  Who cares?  Well, we all do.  All you have to do is do something!  Exercise!  Walk a lot, so make yourself walk a lot while shopping maternity clothes hey!
  • Gaining weight isn’t just your weight, so don’t worry just find the right clothing that will slim you down and do the tricks.
  • Confidence is a must.  That is the best way to look good, ATTITUDE.  When you’re confident, you’re baby adapts the traits you have and you do while you’re carrying the baby.  If you’re preppy and trendy, then chances are the baby will be too when the baby grows up.  When you’re cheerful and confident,  so on and so forth…

How to Choose Fashion Maternity Clothes?

COMFORT- Always take note of the comfort the clothes will give you, choose stretchable and loose fabrics.  Like tights, leggings, and dresses are great for comfort maternity clothing.

PRICE- Budget should not be forgotten, sooner or later you’ll be feeding two mouths, so you wanna be smart and everything you do.  Do not just focus on Maternity Clothing, they are more pricey because they are specialized for maternity size.  However, FREE SIZE clothing offers a lot of loose clothing that could fit any sizes in different styles.  Explore the possibilities!

STYLE- When styling pregnant women, keep in mind that there are tons of clothing shops even online clothing shops offer great varieties of clothing which are available in different sizes.  Buy clothing that you can also wear even if you are not pregnant.  This way, you don’t have to give it away or throw it away if you decided not to have another baby.

SHOES- Take note that flat shoes are the highest recommended shoes for pregnant women.  Not just for comfort but for safety.  Also, heels makes your body tensed a bit, and it will not be good for your baby.

SHADES/COLORS- Black and dark colors are slimming colors that I truly recommend for pregnant women.  However, it doesn’t mean that you strictly wear all black, you can mix and match it with other colors you desire but just make sure that the match suits you and your taste.

PRINTS- Just like the normal fashion rule big prints can make you look bigger and small prints , otherwise.  Whether it is floral or other prints it works.  Although, stripes can be tricky sometimes but you know the rules of horizontal(makes you look bigger) and vertical stripes (make you look slimmer) yet it depends to how big or small the stripes are as well.

There you have all the basics I can share to you about How to Choose Fashion Maternity Clothes?  Looking good, feeling good while you’re pregnant can go a long way even after you have given birth.  So, plan your wardrobe, be smart, because your baby depends on you!

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One thought on “How to Choose Fashion Maternity Clothes?

  1. Are baby clothes sizes different than adult sizes? My nephew is like the “big and tall” of babies, and so I think anything I get will be too long!

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