Do you want to be a Fashion Model?  What are your chances to be in the Fashion Modelling Industry?  Find out How to Become a Fashion Model by reading on…

Modelling is easy and difficult, depending on the attributes, physical assets, and luck that you have will determine how easy or hard to get in the industry.  Often times, it is easier for tall women to get in if great personality is present.  It is not all about the looks, it is the total package that counts.  Here’s the checklist to find out if you can get in.

10 Tips in How to Become a Fashion Model?

  1. PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES – Modeling is mostly looks and presentation.  Modelling is selling.  It is very important in the industry to have a great height, 5’8″ ft. above is the well accepted modelling wise.  Whether catwalk, editorial, commercial, etc…  Height is necessary because designers create clothes that will cater for everyone.  You as a model is the living hanger on the  catwalk, your job is to present the clothing well to the market specially on the runway.  Long gowns and dresses can be modelled on the runway by a tall woman without a sweat.
  2. STYLE – Personal style is obvious.  You should be a model of your own, when styling is natural to you, you will be noticed by people around you.  People that knows you may consider you their local fashion icon.  That itself is a good beginning if you’re a natural model.  You know you have what it takes a bit when you just don’t follow trends, yet you are fashionable in every way.  Refer to Fashion Styling 101 for Stylist Wanna Be for more information.
  3. ATTITUDE – Even though height is the hardest obstacle in modelling, short models still exist in the industry such as the legendary supermodel, Kate Moss.  Due to the help of her attitude, confidence, and her personal style.  Confidence and Self-Esteem is attitude.  Believe yourself, and go from there.  Read Build Your Self-Esteem, Look Better….
  4. PERSONALITY – It is not just that, as a model people look up to you.  Make you their role model from your outfit to your personality up to your character.  A great value and quality product is easier to sell than damaged goods.  However, be yourself and opportunity will come to you in an unexpected way if it’s meant for you.  First impressions are always important in the industry, it is a tough crowd, be strong.
  5. SOCIALIZE – You don’t have to hire a marketing agency to get you into the industry, although that would be a great help.  Perhaps, if you can do it in a simple and similar way on how they do it, then you save more bucks to get you shop more for styling whether you’re hitting the high street or my-wardrobe.  Socialize, attend fashion related gatherings and events.  These would help you know better the people that are in the industry.  Getting the attention of the fashion magazine editors will pimp you a bit in the wide public when she gets you published in her magazine.  Meet fashion designers, regular party goers that might know names in the industry, it is a gossipy world so take your chance to plunge in there, it is still marketing.
  6. ASK YOURSELF QUESTIONS – Yes, ask yourself if you really want to do this? This is a tough world.  Therefore, you need to be strong and determined, people will tell you harsh words, criticize you, you will have to face the media if you manage to get in and the more you become successful in the industry the tougher you get drilled.  So be ready and sure of what you really want.  Designers will ask you to wear daring and revealing clothes, and it is your job to wear and sell it on the runway.  If you don’t want to wear revealing clothes, it will show on the runway and why would they buy it if the model itself doesn’t want to wear it.
  7. HARD WORK – It is not just a flashy glamorous world as you might have thought.  It is hardwork.  Photoshoots depends on the clients, events and gatherings that you have to be present as part of the socializing/marketing might be left and right.  Travelling here and there might be tiring for you plus the non-sleep work , as well as the effort to stay in great shape, size, skin, and best look as possible with all those things happening all at the same time.
  8. BE SMART – Do not rely on anyone for your success or failure, depend only to yourself.  Great things happen to smart people because they know how to make smart decisions.  Temptations are high in this world so keep your focus on the goal.  This might bring you down if you’re lacking this.
  9. RESEARCH – Know more about the new world you are about to enter.  Find out the right people and their hang-outs, the places and events that can give you great opportunities to be discovered.  It is essential to know about the environment before you make your move, so you will know the approach necessary to it.
  10. KNOW YOUR LIMIT – If you think you have tried enough and things aren’t changing for you,  it is best to re-assess your goal.  There are a lot of avenues in fashion industry that you might be interested in or fit in.  Styling, designing, writing, photography, etc…  It is a wide wild world, if fashion is your passion you can try the other avenues than wasting your time when nothing is happening.  Maybe it is not for you and theres’ something better written in your cards.

These are just few to add in your checklist if you want to be a supermodel.  Start your move now as the fashion modelling industry starts at a really young age!  Goodluck!

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