Most of us get so excited on the beach, wanting to splash water, swim, do water sports, and to get great tans from sunbathing. We forgot that sometimes we tend to over-expose ourselves under the sun which can damage our skin, if we don’t know how to take care of it. Resulting painful sunburn after the suppose to be fun holiday. Here are some Tips on How to Avoid Sunburn…

How to Avoid Sunburns

  • How to Avoid Sunburn Tip #1 – Use Sunscreen. We all know that we should use sunscreen, but the type and amount of sunscreen should we use on where and how? That’s we’re always confuse. SPF15-25each sunscreens are for light use, like everyday routine SPF’s, and SPF 25- up are for outdoor to extreme sun-exposure sunscreens such as the beach, sunbathing, and trekking. I heard this from Top Model show. 😀

How to Avoid Sunburns

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  • How to Avoid Sunburn Tip #2 – Read Sunscreen Labels. This is such a stupid reminder, that most of us should always be reminded. Like most sunscreens take effect after 10-15 minutes after application, so by applying it just and jumping immediately to the water or sunbathing, you are making it less effective.
  • How to Avoid Sunburn Tip #3 – Wear a Hat. Wear a hat or cap to protect your face. Facial skin is highly sensitive, also it is directly expose to the sun, so wearing hat or cap covers the face directly from the sun.
  • How to Avoid Sunburn Tip #4 – Limit Your Sun-Exposure. Yes, limit your sun exposure. If you are not swimming, take a shady spot to rest. Do not overly bake yourself under the sun, these could harm* you in different ways.
  • How to Avoid Sunburn Tip #5 – Drink Lots of Water. Being exposed under the sun for long period of time dehydrates you and your skin, that causes dry and flaky skin. Drinking lots of water help a lot as the sun keeps absorbing moisture everywhere.

*NOTE: It can cause Skin Cancer, fairer skin type is more prone to it as they have lesser Melanin** in their skin.

*There were some unrecorded case in the Philippines, that a newly-wed girl died few days after excessive sun-bathing because she wanted a perfect tan before her Wedding Day. During the honeymoon, both were worried of the stinky smell coming out of the girl’s body even though she just had a shower.

Few weeks after the sun-bathing, she keeps complaining that she feels sick and stinks, his husband brought her to the hospital for check-up and she kept throwing up with blood on the way to the hospital. She didn’t make it to the hospital, yet the findings said that she suffered from an internal bleeding due to her over exposure to the sun. Her internal organs were burned from it and caused it to fail. (This was a news I heard back when I was still in High School from my classmate whose parent works in the hospital where it happened). I just want to share those bits to warn you what sun can do to harm anyone.

**Melanin– Skin pigment that gives natural color to the skin. Also provides many benefits to people. One of the most recognized benefits involve ultra violet rays of the sun. Melanin provides a natural protection against the harmful effects of these rays. However, it does not provide complete protection from the sun, and individuals with darker skin tones are still at risk from the sun’s damaging rays.

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