It is really bad when your feet stinks. It’s quite okay when you’re wearing open footwear like thongs, and sandals, but not closed shoes. Yep, because atleast your open footwear allows air to make it stay dry, or if not atleast drier than wearing closed shoes.

Let me help you with your problem. I know it sucks, specially interacting with people, it affects your self-confidence as well. So start reading more of this…

How to Avoid Smelly Feet Tips

  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #1 – Hygiene. It’s important to always be hygienic. Bacteria is one major cause of smelly feet. It’s fungi, a bacteria that grows in moist surfaces. Take a bath everyday, and soap your feet too with anti-bacterial soap.

  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #2 – Use Nail Brushes. Use nail brushes everytime you take a bath. While lathering your feet with anti-bacterial soap, brush your nails with nail brush to wash off the dirt caught in between your nails, to avoid the growth of bacteria.
  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #3 – Scrub. Scrub your feet thoroughly, your heel, ankle, toes, in between toe fingers, fore foot, every corner of your feet. Use separate scrub (don’t use your body scrub). You can use foot scrub(soap) for better effects.
  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #4 – Keep Your Feet Dry. As I’ve mentioned above, it is fungi, the bacteria that grows in moisture that causes your feet to smell. It’s called Athlete’s Foot. After a bath, dry it with clean cotton cloth, leave it to dry, let the air dry it after drying it with cotton cloth. Don’t wear shoes or socks until your feet is dry.
  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #5 – Use Foot Deodorizer. There are plenty of varieties available in the supermarket. You can choose, footsprays, foot lotions, foot powders, etc. Although, I recommend footpowders, as it is dry while the others are moist.
  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #6 – Avoid Cheap Foot Spas. Cheap Foot Spas doesn’t maintain their equipments regularly than those Foot Spas that are well known. There are more feet using it, and you don’t want possible contaminants to stick on your feet and causes fungi for your feet.
  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #7 – Wear Open Footwear as Much as Possible. Specially if you perspire a lot, I recommend that you wear thongs and sandals as much as you can. Let your feet breathe.
  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #8 – Wear Breathable Shoes. There are available breathable shoes out there that you could get, although it might be a little more costly than the regular shoes, it could help you minimize your feet sweating while you work.
  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #9 – Treat Your Feet Good. Pamper your feet just by elevating your legs above the heart level while laying down. Please read How to Avoid Varicose Veins for details.
  • How to Avoid Smelly Feet: Tip #10 – Don’t Wash it After a Long Day. Rest it a bit like 30minutes or more, before washing it. That usually the cause why it sweats a lot, sweat glands sometimes doesn’t know how to react on sudden changes.

There you go… Now, it’s up to you if you really want to get rid of that stinky smell off your feet. I hope I have helped you from that tips. I am not a medical expert in accordance to this, my tips are just from common sense and the usually ignored simple ways how to’s.

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