How to Avoid Having Bad BreathHave you ever been disgusted with someone talking to you, but feels like his breath will make you want to spew? That’s a major turn-off, isn’t it? Imagine even how good looking the person is, when he/she have bad breath, it’s a big NO WAY! People would stay away from you, doesn’t want to talk to you because it’s torture for them.

How to Avoid Having Bad Breath

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I do have some tips on How to Avoid Having Bad Breath. Avoid that terrifying and embarrassing moment of your life when mingling with people. Get ready to boost your confidence talking with people with these tips…

How to Avoid Having Bad Breath

How to Avoid Having Bad Breath

  1. Brush Your Teeth Everyday. Normally, as my dentist told me, brush your teeth 2x a day. But can do it more than twice when its necessary. Brushing your teeth, brushes away the food residues stuck between the teeth, leaving them there would cause bad breath just like a food left in a moist environment, it will soon be off. Imagine that happening in your own mouth. Brush your tongue too, just before ending your brushing session. 😀
  2. Use Dental Floss. Flossing takes the residues in the places that your toothbrush can’t reach, that will cause cavities and bad breath.
  3. Mouthwash. Mouthwash helps to wash out and avoid bacterial plaques that causes caries, bad breath, and gingivitis. Recommended to be used with #1 and #2 Tips.
  4. Avoid Frequent Eating of Strong Smelling Food. Your food intake can be a reason why you have this unpleasant smelling breath. Avoid frequent intake of strong smelling food such as Onions, Fish Sauce, Garlic, etc… It’s okay to eat them once in a while but brush your teeth after eating those kind of foods.
  5. Regular Bowels. Having a regular bowel movement is necessary as you are eliminating body wastes from your gut, that sometimes causes bad breath coming from your stomach. Cleaning up your wastes everyday, helps bad breath away! 🙂

There are my 5 Tips on How to Avoid Having Bad Breath, helping you back on your foot again confident facing everyone with your fresher breath than ever. It takes time though, it doesn’t happen in just a flick of your hand but it works. Yet, if it takes longer than 2 months, you’re doing it regularly, and still nothing changes I recommend to visit your dentist. Helping you to have great confidence with your personality with these tips, you can also read Tips to Have a Good Clear Skin.

Also, may I add that if you want to have a great smile and whiter teeth, use whitening toothpaste everyday or ask your dentist for better substance to use if its quite a work for whiter teeth. Whitening toothpaste has mild solutions to whiten teeth. I hope to help you with this! 😀

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  1. Nice post! Actually there are natural ways how we can prevent bad breath but if it’s really worse, well you can use the over the counter solutions to avoid Halositosis. By the way, thanks for sharing the article buddy.

  2. No problem, Stanley…always cool to find out people like you appreciates my posts! Also, thanks for your over the counter advice… By the way, you can contribute to my blog if you wish, and get one link to your site…only, I would ask you that you can only post the article here, and you cannot post it on your blog…yet, you’ll gain visitors anyway!

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