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Women are fond using Nail Polish either for trend or for hygienic purposes. Nail Polish was first used and invented by Chinese to protect their nails and cosmetic purposes. Although, most of us don’t know the proper way on How to Apply Nail Polish, I will help you how in a minute.

Applying Nail Polish is not only for women. At the present time, men are using nail polish as well with the same purposes, cosmetic and protection. Although, most of the time they use the clear colored nail polish, men from band members, and male celebrities are setting trends to use colored nail polish as well. Men are becoming more and more interested of caring themselves like Hairstyles, Haircare, Skin Cares, you can read more about Nail Care Tips for Men.

It serves both, as cosmetic tool as women often use different colors to match their moods or their attire at the same time, setting trends and as a nail protection too. Sometimes, to hide unpleasant stuff on your nails. 😀

It can also prevent bad habits like nail biting for those who do, as the taste of the nail polish is gross and toxic. Now, if you don’t have time to visit your favorite salon for a good nail polish, you can do it yourself at home and I will help you on How to Apply Nail Polish by yourself.

Here’s the Video on How to Apply Nail Polish

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