City life is always in a rush. Catching up for your time to fit everything in schedule. Specially Fashionistas in the City, they always fall in this category of people always running. It’s like everytime is rush hour for them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to look good. Here are the Tips on How to Apply Make-Up in 5 Minutes for those Fashionistas and other girls who are always in a hurry.

How to Apply Make-Up in 5 Minutes

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How to Apply Make-Up in 5 Minutes

  • Tip #1- Minimalism. Simplicity is beauty. You don’t need 4 hours just to put on make-up, it’s not like you’ll be attending your own wedding or something, wear less make-up, and you’ll need less time.
  • Tip #2- Enhance. Make-up should rather be your feature enhancer, not face cover! Otherwise, you wouldn’t look the same without wearing any make-up.
  • Tip #3- 5 Key Make-Up Must- Haves. You don’t need much, all you need to keep you look good and fresh are Facial wash, Face Powder (Not Foundation!), Eyeliner, Blush-on, Lipstick. Having the 5 most valuable Make-Up is enough.
  • Tip #4- Using 5 Key Appropriately. Of course, you need to find that 5 Key Make-Up that suits your skin type, skin tone, and sensitivity. You don’t wanna end up looking weird with blemishes from allergic reactions, uneven skin tones from applying weird colored make-ups, or face dripping of oil. Common sense is necessary in looking good. 😀
  • Tip #5- Apply Enough. Do not put on make-up like icing on the cake, looking like it will soon melt under certain temperature whether body temperature or weather temperature. It never look good, and always look untidy and bad. Overdoing it may cause skin break-outs, and you don’t want it, you want Clear Good Skin.

You don’t have to overdo your face. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, if you want to look good enhance it, NOT cover it! You will look good if you appreciate yourself, and then people will follow as Beauty radiates from within.

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2 thoughts on “How to Apply Make-Up in 5 Minutes

  1. i am a three-stepper: concealer, powder, mascara. lip gloss if i have time. which is most of the time…

  2. Cool! It’s great to wear less, isn’t it? Less hassle,
    less time, less money, plus the benefit of showing off your natural beauty…enhancing is the best make-up rather than cover-up. 🙂

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