There are a lot of travelers around the world trying to experience and explore different cultures, places, cuisines, and meet new people. Part of that is applying for a visa, and here you’ll find out steps on how to apply Japan visa for Filipinos.

VISA – an endorsement issued by an authorized representative of a country and marked in a passport, permitting the passport holder to enter, travel through, or reside in that country for a specified amount of time, for the purpose of tourism, education, employment, etc. (Source:

Steps on How to Apply Japan Visa for Filipinos

Requirements for applying a visa varies from the origin of the passport to country one wishes to visit. Filipinos on the other hand only have more than 20 countries where they can visit, visa free. Meaning, they can travel those countries without a visa but might have to show some travel documents other than passport.

Japan for Filipinos is not one them. Philippine passport holders should apply a visa before visiting Japan. Requirements may also varies depending on the purpose, duration, country of residence, final destination, etc.

1) KNOW THE RIGHT VISA- What is the purpose of your travel? Are you visiting for short term? Long term? Or just in transit? All these have different requirements that you need to submit.

I did apply for a Transit Visa, because I will only stay for less than 24 hours, more than that would have to be a Tourist Visa.

2) CHECK EMBASSY/CONSULATE- Check the location of the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate to you, it will make the process easier and quicker.

In my case, I have to send it to Los Angeles because it is the nearest one to Phoenix which have made it 2-3 days longer, but normally they say to allow them 3 business days to process. If you are closer, it might be quicker to drop it off directly or pick it up when it’s done.

3) COMPLETE REQUIREMENTS- After knowing which visa to apply for, gather all the requirements needed and double check it before submitting it to the embassy. They will give you a call if they need more documents or information you need to submit but keep in mind the timing of your trip, plan ahead.

4) WAIT FOR YOUR VISA – Wait for your visa and start planning!

I was very ecstatic receiving my passport back with a Japanese visa sticker on it! It was a great accomplishment feeling that it’s finally going to happen. I know it’s just less than 24 hours in Tokyo, Japan but I was thrilled! I will tell you more about the trip soon.


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