How to Apply for Schengen Visa

How to Apply for Schengen Visa have different steps to make depending on how you will travel. From the researches I made, you can either apply the Schengen Visa from the European Union(EU) country of your entry port or the EU country that you will spend most of your time in your Eurotrip.

How to Apply for Schengen Visa

Most websites are saying all the generic procedures of how to apply visa, yet different embassies may vary in the procedures like appointment schedule, process, and requirements. Here’s the basic things to keep in mind in applying a Schengen Visa.


Figure out what countries you want to go to in Europe and plan the itinerary. Consider the time you have to be away, budget, accommodation, and all the things necessary for the trip. Jot it down and finalize your destination and stop overs.


Be aware of every details of your trip, from the duration of stay from one point to another. This is also a major factor to determine the duration of visa you should be applying for. Although Schengen Visa is given in 3, 6, and 12 month duration, it is the discretion of the embassy/consulate as to how long they will approve your visa or even decline your application. For first time applicants, apply for 3 months or just for the duration of your trip.


Embassies will always require these documents, may it be your personal, business accounts, collaterals, or even sponsor’s financial statement and declaration that they would support you on the duration of the trip.


Aside from making it easier to pin down and organizing all the necessary aspect of the trip, these documents will be necessary in applying the visa.


I said check, because depending on your trip like if you get a travel package, or in a cruise, they usually comes with a travel insurance you have paid in the package. However, if the package does not include travel insurance, you will have to get one as it is one of the requirements.


Even if EU embassies mentioned on their websites that it takes 3-15 days to process the visa, the procedure may vary as well. Some embassies have a third party agency that process the scheduling of application appointment and some may have a long queue. Aside from that, depending on what country you are from, their process duration may varies on the country and may ask additional documents that requires few more days to process. Allow at least 3 months ahead of the scheduled trip.


Make sure you have a valid passport, which means you have at least 6 months from the time of your departure. Also, keep in mind that you need blank pages in your passport too (special reminders for frequent travelers).

I hope these steps will help you in applying your Schengen Visa. I do have a different case applying Schengen Visa as a Tourist abroad (Thailand). In my case, here are the steps I did.

>Checked where is the cruise will mostly dock, it happens to be Greece.
>Checked with the Embassy of Greece in Bangkok if they allow a Tourist to apply for Schengen Visa. With all the requirements they ask, I can.
>Brought all the requirements and applied.

It was not as easy as it seems because I have to print off a lot of additional documents. From cruise itinerary, vouchers, sponsor’s financial statement and declaration letter, their passports, proof of my fiance’s relationship (emails, photos, testimonial letters, etc.). The application took 3 days and would have to return the next day with more documents and along with those documents, interrogation, interrogation, and more interrogation. The duration of our trip is 15 days in total and so, I was approved with 16 days of multiple entry Schengen Visa. That’s all I want anyway, and despite all the stories I won’t bore you with, it is all worth it!

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