Lately, I have been asking questions like this… How Should We Live Our Lives? Really, I wonder how?  People I know live lives according to how they were conditioned as a a kid.  Parents and teachers telling us what’s good and bad, what to do next, how to do it, and why.

Do we get the right answers to those questions? We probably do, and we probably don’t.  How can we tell the intention of the other person if it is on its purest state?  We can’t.  So, most of us ends up learning that the life we are living in is a lie.  Full of lies.  Finding out that it is, how do we end up living our lives then? Live a lie too?  We all have tried and did lie.  It has sometimes saved us from being in a worse situation or get us more into trouble.  Either way, it is part of our lives… whether we lie or been lied at.

It could hurt people specially those who means a lot to us and it does to us  when we do too.  What am I trying to tell?  The fact is that, because many people lie, most of us don’t know how to trust anymore.  Burned out from believing anything that seems to be good is ‘too good to be true’, yet why can’t we see the other way around that what may seem to appear bad or a lie, is really not or maybe what appears to be what it is, is truly what it is.  I know it is a complex world we are living in, a survival for some.  But really if we put ‘survival’ in relating to people, then we are not people.  People have souls, have feelings, have will to choose right and wrong… Animals don’t,  they are surviving, we can be surviving in a situation but what is the difference between us and animals if we don’t use our own digression to let our souls grow.

I’ll leave you something simple to ponder…

“Isn’t it that the way to live is to feel? That we all long for happiness, yet everyone is afraid to get hurt.  Pain is normal as it is to happiness.  Both doesn’t last if you don’t keep it.”

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2 thoughts on “How Should We Live Our Lives?

    1. I know its for me, don’t worry! It’s just that, writing a good essay should always be in the third person. As well as, most of the things I blog about are first hand experiences that I want to share. 🙂 Don’t take everything I say too seriously, I’m not perfect. I just write my opinion, and that’s what bloggers do. 😀

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