Philippines is one of the countries with the highest Roman Catholic citizens in Asia, ninety percent (90%) of the population are Catholics.  Here in the Philippines, we have different ways to celebrate Holy Week.  How Philippines Celebrate Holy Week is what you will find out on this post.

Central Luzon- particularly Pampanga and some areas of Tarlac where native Kapampangan speakers live has a very controversial way of celebrating Lent among other provinces in the country.  Devotees are somewhat considered by the International media as “Extreme” believers or  having extreme practices of faith.  Every faith has their own way of expressing it, and some were governed by their own belief and understanding of the religion.

Lent/Holy Week

My mother lives in Tarlac and growing up, I have seen of these many times, the devotees and believers.  Things that are unexplainable and we could not understand are happening right before the eyes of the people that  are witnessing the event.

Lent/Holy Week

These people are believers and devotees.  They believe that by doing this every year on how long they have promised to do it for a longing that is really worth the sacrifice.  Some asks that their diseases or a member of their family be healed (like cancer or other terminal illnesses), or any wishes that they long seem so  impossible.  I would not even try to do it, but I have seen how powerful the human mind can heal.  Once a wish is wished with emotions, it comes true :).

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