This article is made for women obviously to guide you for the hottest hair color of the next year.  The women’s edition series will tackle all about women’s fashion cravings, and interests from head to toe.  I mean, from hair, make-up, skin care, fashion, and body care.  I know, I know… yes, I have been writing mostly for women and few are dedicated to men.  Yet, soon men’s edition will follow after all this…lol.

Anyways, to get the fun up and going let’s talk about HAIR COLOR!  Not only that us women care about our hairstyle trends, it dramatically change how we look (as they say, it’s our crowning glory!).  What else?  Of course, the hair coloring can change your style and image as well as haircut.  Read on for the hottest guide for hair color.

Hottest Haircolor

Ice-Blonde Hair Color

Ice-Blonde Hair Color is one of the hottest on the runway!  Supermodels wear them and drastically turn their looks into something they have never seen before.  Gutsy to wear this Icy Blonde color as there are tricks to wear depending on your skin tone.  Fair skinned people can wear this Icy cool hair color, although, Halle Berry managed to pull it off as Storm in the X-Men movie! (What can’t she pull together?!).

TIP: Choose up to two color tones lighter or darker than your natural hair color to dye your hair.


We all know it is chic to wear highlights.  As a matter of fact, it has become the commonly worn hair color for the last decade because it looks amazing and brilliant!  Why? It compliments any skin tones and radiates facial features that makes one glowing.  This is the color you would like to put on if you haven’t used any hair color ever since.  Believe me, it still works!

Hip Highlights

What is Hip Highlights? These are the highlights that is worn in different styles to stop looking like one with cliche highlights (blonde streaks for brunettes and dark on blondes).  Celebrities and music artists wears it all the time to convey some hip chic looks that works awesome on their image and looks.  Just like how Pink, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, etc… became popular by wearing them differently.

Hot Blonde

As always, blondes are always hot. Specially if it is kept tidy and shiny.  I am not blonde so I can’t really tell much about it.  Although, I know that sea water naturally turns a dark hair to blonde gradually by not rinsing it after a dip.  Apparently, the sun’s rays react to the components of sea water that sits on your hair and turns it from dark to light brown, and maybe if you are a frequent beach swimmer will turn it to really blonde.  It almost turned mine when I did that.


Black hair, brunettes, dark hair, whatever…  These are all brilliantly hot and sexy haircolor whether naturally acquired or dyed.  Perhaps if you are dark haired and do not want to take away the image of having your dark hair, an enhancement can help to make it glow.  Like coloring it with other dark colors like Chestnut Brown, Burgundy, Dark Brown, and Light Brown Color will give a glowing appearance to your dark hair.

Red Hair

Did you know that there are only 4 or less than 4% of the world’s population were naturally born red hair?  It is true.  For some reason, they say red haired people have an attitude problem.  But who cares?  They look good.  Not just an Icy-Blonde Color is pop on the runway but as much as it is, Red Hair looks awesome as well as it is on the runway!

After that whole ramblings of hair coloring, you are ready to set for your new hair color.  Although you can have your own Natural Hair Dyes from Home.

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2 thoughts on “Hottest Haircolor – Women’s Edition

  1. Great post! I love the hip highlights myself. I just gave myself fuschia highlights, but I would probably leave that to the professionals in the future!

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